Act: I
~Late 1605

With the border falling under attack by a group of Brigands, Priya and her paradigm, Gungnir were successful in defending themselves as well as driving most of the forces from the country. Exalted (Surina's squadron) also had their share of foes as did Relic (Annebella's squadron), yet, Gungnir recieved the heaviest of the enemy concentration. After Raisa dispatched mostly the entire force which was sent against them, she confronted the man who had come to be known as Chester. Raisa fought the man to a standing of no contest despite being held at gunpoint.

Saturday, October the first had been the day when Dalkia sent its first wave of armed forces to Grandall. Gungnir is sent in as reinforcement with Exalted to run a mirror to the path taken by Gungnir. During their first battle, Priya is separated from her paradigm and without a choice, she backtracks to the borders' lattice only to find a group of soldiers from Dalkia preparing to enter. Priya alone engages the three along with her stallion, Odin (whom kicks two of the three soldiers. One was killed via having his skull crushed while the other was left crippled.) engaged the threats.

Priya and Priya alone faces the young girl named Luna and after a short arduous battle, Priya stood as the victor. Luna unfortunately escaped though, Priya herself was partly to blame for this as Luna was just a child caught in the midst of a war which Dalkia had brought to Grandall--not the other way around as Luna had claimed.

From the Eastern Gates, Gungnir progressed to a small valley and from there, the Welshdat Bridge. Gungnir was to rendezvous with additional forces, yet, those additional forces were held back by further Dalkian interference. In light of this, Gungnir, Exalted, Relic, and Valor (Abelia's unit) were given orders to defend the portion of the grand bridge and take the other portion Welshdat Bridge. Doing so would ensure that Grandall's main army would have secure passage into Dalkian territory.

The units divided their forces accordingly and effectively suppressed the enemy, however; Gungnir and Relic were both pinned by cannon-fire. This ultimately separated Ky (of Gungnir) and Noemi (of Relic) from their respective units; leaving the two to fend for themselves until they reunited with their allies once more.

It was in their absence that Surina faced off against Roin, the man whom had abandoned her and in all intents and purposes, her mind was lost to anger. It took Priya to reverse the bloodlust which was brought to the surface of her elder sibling, yet, she was able to do so only by luck.

From this point, they were separated once more. Valor and Gungnir were ordered to press onward with additional forces towards Revless, Dalkia's capital. In doing such, they were ambushed, yet, this would turn in their favor. A transport which had careened off route had fallen, tipped, and killed several a Dalkian while the one whom did survive, was strange to them.

Her flesh dark and her hair darker. Bearing armor of a light blue, she immediately took off into the night with a weapon in her hands. Ky was the one to pursue her until he was cut off by Dalkian reinforcements. As such, the woman stealthily moved about the forest. Unknown only when she chose to make herself known. She slowly thinned the numbers of the Dalkian Force which was dispatched to the area, and in addition, she made the final moments if each foe agonizingly excruciating.

It took Ky's foolish act of good faith and with what saw a slight in the temperament of the swarthy woman, she slowly lowered her weapon and allowed Ky to approach her. After regrouping, Exalted and Relic were sent as reinforcements to the already battered units. Come to find out, the woman was of the Halteese Republic and hearing it from her, Dalkia had recently stirred reinforced aggression towards them. To further this aggression, Dalkia attacked Halteesean strongholds with lethal precision. What alarmed Elisabeth had been the manner in which Dalkia struck - as if they knew where to look and from this, she wondered if Halteese had been given away by Maletta...

Even worse, they executed the male prisoners and chose to keep the female prisoners.

She, Elisabeth, was the last of her cell (unit) to survive. That said, Elisabeth allied herself with Grandall Forces in hopes of reaching Halteese and to form a bond which would see them through this storm. With it decided, Abelia took Elisabeth into her unit despite Priya volunteering for such. What was known though, was that Dalkia had been abducting Halteesean soldiers.

But why bring them all the way here? That was the question.

To the short celebration and introductions, it was beyond this which had been the deeply colored trees which would witness the remaining battle of this Waycastle and as such; Gungnir, Valor, Relic, and Exalted divided and slowly advanced upon their own routes in order to thin the opposition before they reached the Waycastle.

Beyond said Waycastle was the Keep. This Keep held no name and was fortified with additional posts and patrols. The group was expected.

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