Dalkian Flag
Dalkia is what one would call Olde Guard and this is due to the time that this nation has stood. Dalkia as a whole, is nearly twice the size of Parousia, but with age and prior conquests over neighboring villages and long-fallen empires. In the end, Dalkia has grown fat from strength and domination.


Dalkia's capital and heavily reinforced court houses Dalkia's best in terms of military expertise.

Hawkridge Keep

Dalkia's Command Center is heavily fortified and heavily occupied at all times. Much like Grandall in function, Hawkridge has several underground tunnels which serve as not only escape routes but also entrances for spies and assassins.


Three Square

Rose Hill




Locke Bay

A harbor based town which allows simplistic docking procedures to be taken advantage of. Dalkia of course knows this as Halteese has tried this many times and thus, Dalkia's response to this is that all cargo is inspected with a full platoon present at all times. The towers overhead are occupied by archers and rifleman.

Amethyst Grove

Filled with the wanton, the needing, and the lonely; Amethyst Grove is Dalkia's Red Light District but with of course, lamps with amethyst coverings to give the area a bright and rich Amethyst color.

Dalkian Military

Notable Peoples

Queen Aurelia Dichalla Dolce Dalkia

rules Dalkia with social manipulation and guile. Of course, any true son or daughter of Dalkian blood knows this in itself, is pure heresy. Rising from a litany of concubines, Aurelia is the rightful ruler of a land of strength enough to challenge the gods.


is the current General of the Dalkian Army. A silent Lover to Dalkia's Queen and a firm hand of conquest as a mistress, Roin sates his love of violence by speaking of seizing Halteese as their own.

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