"Elegance in any form can be twisted or perverted. At the same time, we are all like the die, cast in any direction as we, as people, of free will and thought, can throw ourselves in any and all directions. But know this, all directions are not of good or ill will, but temptation for ill is oft more powerful than good."
— E'laura

Act I - E'lara

Full Name E'laura Claire Riga
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Birthplace Crestwood, Parousia
Birthdate 1581, July 29th
Age as of Act: I 25 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five Feet, Seven Inches and a Half (5"7 1/2)
Weight "What right have you to ask that of a woman?"
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Azure Blue
Blood type AB
Weapon Straight Sword
Weapon's Name Rosalia
Living Family Members Distant relatives which she cares little of.
Deceased Family Members Father: Antony Riga

Mother: Aelinore Riga

Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian
Act: I Theme Theme of E'laura

E'laura was born within Parousia, yet, she was sent to Greece in order to live during her early years of life. While there, E'laura learned proper etiquette, mannerisms, and how women ‘should’ act. It was upon her eleventh birthday when she was sent to a school to enhance what she had learned so that she would be a fine and proper young lady, suitable for a man to bend to his will as she saw it. Yet the motive for this advanced schooling was to ensure she was capable of pleasing her husband when she was to marry and if he were to leave her, she was to regret failing him; of course, E'laura had other plans in store for herself.

“I am being taught to tend to a man when most men tend to other women instead of their wives? Beyond that, if another strikes his fancy I am to allow such to occur with no form of retribution? What lunacy is this?”

With her teachings in etiquette, she soared through the trials while secretly loathing the very things she learned. She was being taught to take care of another when that other should be able to take care of themselves. E'laura disliked this treatment and desired another method to live. This method came when news was brought to her that her father had been killed in battle.

Seeing this as an opportunity to leave her structured life behind, E'laura left the school and the few friends she had, so that she could pursue her future.

Odd enough was that her closest friend would find her later in life.

Upon arriving in The Walled City, she was searched. Nothing was confiscated yet the guards felt in places they should not. Her breasts were fondled and her vagina was touched. The man whom oversaw the soldiers did not see this act and she knew if she were to complain about it, she lacked proof. Even more so had been the fact that if these same soldiers were stationed to protect her, they would continue such treatment.

Keeping her mouth closed and her pride about her, E'laura proceeded to her home. It was silent when she entered. As she roamed the corridors, she found not a soul. This would be accurate as her father lived only with his servants and after his death, they all left. That was what she had thought until she heard whimpering in a room upon the fourth floor.

Entering the room and finding the source, she was amazed that it was a small girl. Old enough to be wed yet, young enough to be blissfully oblivious to the world. Kneeling down, she consoled the child and asked her what was wrong.

“A bad man is here…”

E'laura looked at the girl in confusion. Before she had found her, she searched every room and every crevice and found not a soul. She doubted that anyone else was here and apparently by her tattered clothes, the girl was an orphan.

“It is all right my dear, there is no one else here but u—“

At that point the child screamed while pointing in the direction behind E'laura.

As she turned her head, E'laura was struck across the face. After a few seconds of being dazed, she slowly got to her feet only to find the girl atop a closet hurling random objects at the man. One of which, had been a large bobbing pin. Taking hold of the object, E'laura rushed the man yet he noticed that she had gotten to her feet due to the mirror attached to the closet. It allowed him to see what was behind him.

He whirled around and with one strike, E'laura was knocked out.

It would be hours before she would come to yet, as she did, she found the girl leaning over her with a small wet rag. E'laura's lip had been busted as well as her nose. The girl told her that she would take care of her and that it was quiet again.

As she looked around the room, she asked of what happened to the “bad man”.

“He’s dead.”

E'laura sat up in shock. She assumed the child killed her but that was not the case.

“After he hit you, I hit him with some metal thing. He fell and landing on the thing you dropped.”

E'laura felt the need to correct her form of usage when it came to the word "landing" but she chose not to. More importantly, this meant that he fell on the bobbing pin that E'laura had dropped when she was struck.

“Are you hungry? I can cook something if there’s anything left.”

“There is no need for that child. I will fetch something and I will fetch you some clothes.”


“It is obvious that you have been staying here for a while so what right have I to throw you out?”

She sighed in relief.

“You will live here just as I will, as this estate belongs to my father, yet in his death, it now rests in my care along with all other possessions here.”

“Y—you own all this?”

The girl extended her arms outwards to emphasize her point. E'laura chuckled.

“That I do child; that I do.”

A week had passed after she had returned to Grandall, and it was upon her door that a visitor stood. After a while, he was brought in and in turn, spoke to E'laura. She was met by the very same servant of Strife whom greeted her with the most pleasant of words.

His name was Alastor.

Polite, tall, strong, and he was a personal knight of Astlar's. It was not long before she invited him to dinner and when she did, she assumed him to try to seduce her, yet he did nothing of the like. He spoke of politics, art, life, as well as the current state of the country. His intelligence was attractive, yet she could never allow herself to be taken by a man. Not now anyway. Dinner was uneventful in the means of sexual pleasure any way; though the entertainment of conversation which was brought, had been fairly successful.

Of course, his main purpose had been to deliver news of Girardot and Strife's interest in her. The rest was only a gauge at her person. Agreeing to the meeting, the dinner was thus then concluded.

In a few days time, she began to learn how to properly wield a sword herself. E'laura was 20 years old when she first began to study under General Girardot. She was presented with multiple weapons: swords, shields, small hand axes, and much more. However, few weapons caught her eye yet one she would choose. This weapon was a straight sword. Slender, moderate in length and beautifully designed. Not to mention, this was the weapon which was made specifically for her by Kusanagi and Kisaragi. With rose engraving and cruciform based design, she felt a slight need of protection but not enough; therefore, two additional spikes (thorns) were added to the weapon, pointing in the same direction as the blade itself and this she deemed a worthy weapon for if she parried, she had a higher chance of stripping her opponent's weapon.

Days had grew to weeks, and from there, months had been their child. Afore long, the aforementioned child sought a mate, this mate had been years. She learned his tactics, his methods, his strategies - which he had often been ridiculed for - and even weapon types and preferences. E'laura learned nearly everything that the General himself knew and being under his direct tutelage, she was whisked about along with Girardot as he lent his aid to the King of Dalkia. Less formal than she had imagined, yet, this came with prior history while she retained a formal greeting and respectability despite the King ordering her not to do so.

She accompanied Girardot as a member of his forces for three years and under these conditions, she developed a deeper sense to her swordplay as well as learning that "death happens. If you do not try to prevent your own death, someone else will ensure they deliver it unto you."

After she returned to Grandall, she came across Rebecca, working as always while seeing her after three years made E'laura question if she were willing to adopt Rebecca as her own. As the child held no family, she sought to do just that. Furthermore, after Rebecca received the title "Riga", E'laura received word of a summons and when she had attended, it was of little surprise to see Girardot being the one whom had summoned her.

However, the reason he had summoned her was due to her experience in the field. Their tact was relatively the same and in addition to this, she saved his life. After acknowledging such a feat, it was discussed with their emperor, Strife Astlar, who approved such a decision--despite the fact that E'laura cared nothing for the child of royalty.

Two years later after accepting the honor, E'laura serves as Girardot's second and as such per her promotion to Colonel, she holds the ability to promote, demote, command, and overrule orders by those beneath the rank of General. With her rise in station as well as one of Parousia's most influential and wealthiest denizens, she maintains herself with respect and honor. Passing what she has learned on to Rebecca and never engaged in ill-gotten acts. She believes that if she is to carry her family's name, she, by all means, will not forsake it--else her father would turn in his grave.

It was after her promotion that she gave her beloved sword a name...and that name was Rosalia.

E'laura loves to travel and when she set her mind to a place she wanted to visit, she made preparations and immediately set forth to that location. When she visited Japan, she sought to own a true Japanese sword, simply for the fact that she could have one and call it her own. Her travels took her to Hokkaido where a gun and sword smith resided. As she entered their home, she was greeted by a young boy. He directed her to his mother and father so that the three of them could discuss business as well as payment methods. As such methods were confirmed, she was told that the process would take only a few days. Until then, was advised to take in the environment and enjoy the life which God has given her.

E'laura knew all too well of what Francesco Xavier had done to this once independent country...he had instilled the corruption of Christianity upon it and claimed his religion was better than that of the Japanese. Yet, she could say naught in the deity of another country for she knew too little about other religions. E'laura herself was brought up with Christian values, yet those values were rarely ever followed by those whom taught them to her. Thus, she unlearned such upbringing. As the days passed uneventfully, E'laura ventured back to Hokkaido to see the progress which was made. Despite the two, Kusanagi and Kisaragi, disliking to be ogled while they worked, they made an exception and allowed E'laura to watch.

As this process was taking place, she spoke none. She could easily see that the two liked it better this way for they were not being distracted--which is why they preferred not to be observed as they worked. While the steel was being folded, Kusanagi Kojiro was summoned by another at his door. Seeing whom it had been, he invited the man in. E'laura could hear the men speak and as she listened to the voice, she was enthralled that Strife Astlar's knights had ventured all the way here. At first she knew not what to do yet, in her current state of mind, Kisaragi Akiko kept her calm.

"You know this man?"

"He is a servant of a ruler of a kingdom to the west. Grandall is the name of it."

"I see. Is he here for you?"

"No. I've no reason to be sought, though I do wonder why he has ventured here though. I gather it could be something of importance but I, myself, am not sure."

After nodding, Kisaragi Akiko had returned to her work. Shortly after this, her husband soon rejoined her and a few hours later, they had finished. E'laura was told that after it has set for a few hours, she could claim her weapon as well as pay for their work. E'laura thought of paying upfront yet, she knew them not and thought it best to simply pay on their own terms and thus she did. Returning the next morning, E'laura paid the exact amount they asked for and took her sword.

"A thousand thanks to you both."

E'laura then bowed to show her appreciation.

"Such manners aren't needed, but it is appreciated."

"You should leave."

E'laura said nothing as Kisaragi Akiko told her this. Ultimately she thought she was being thrown out which would not be a surprise due to E'laura being an outsider.

"Strife's men will be returning soon and they seek business."

With this extended explanation, E'laura nodded and gave her thanks once more before departing. This is the last time she would see Kisaragi Akiko and Kusanagi Kojiro alive.


File:Rebecca; Thumbnail.png
Rebecca is a child whom E'laura found squatting in her father's home. She knew not much of what to do with her for she had no family. It could have been possible that the man whom was after the child could have been a relative, yet, he had long since passed. Rebecca resides with E'laura and is her adoptive daughter. Named after Riga, Rebecca is currently learning just as E'laura had learned herself: traits of the common and respectable lady as well as how to defend herself if the need come to it. She also tends to the cleaning when Fergus (short for Ferguson) is not about as well as accompanying him whenever he needs a hand or is told to accompany him by E'laura. Rebecca looks to E'laura as an elder sister opposed to a motherly figure and this is due to the fact that Rebecca's mother cared absolutely nothing for her. Something that she has yet to inform E'laura about.

Alphonse Ferguson, oft called Fergus for short, is an elderly man of nearly sixty years of age who bears a fierce devotion to the Riga Family. Being over twice E'laura's age, he serves as a chauffeur; delivering her or guests to their destination while also employed with other duties as well, such as cooking, cleaning, as well as shopping. Despite his old age, he is rather the spry individual. Energetic as a child needing rest and as honorable as a knight taking his last stand. He gives insight when needed as well as spars with the eldest Riga in order to keep her in her prime when it comes to combat. Fergus (as he is oft called) has served her father before her father married and even now, twenty-five years later, he serves the Riga Family Heir with unwavering pride.


is a near life long friend whom had attended the French Etiquette School alongside her. A dear friend whom oft shared in her frustrations as well as her triumphs. Of course, Noelle has since given herself to the role of worldly scholar. Despite this innocent but noble cause, E'laura worries that it will in turn, spell disaster and leave the young lady of France, naught more than a cold carcass lost and forgotten to time.

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