"Believing in yourself is all you can do. Without you, then what've you got? People? If you don't stand for you then how can you stand for them? Point is, it all starts with you."
— Gallagher

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Name Gallagher
Birthplace Dublin, Ireland
Birthdate 1580, May 21st, Taurus
Age as of Act: I 26 years of age
Gender Male
Height Six Feet and Six Inches (6'6")
Weight 100 kg.
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Blood type A Positive
Weapon Long Sword
Sword's Name Respite
Family His mother is alive and as hail and hearty as a youthful knight.
Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian
Resides in The Walled City, Parousia
Act: I Theme New Beginnings (6:10)

A child of the Ire, Gallagher hails from Isle and as such, is a born Irishman, of course, his father named him Gallagher to prove that he be proud as well as stout. A name given way to legend and strength to be carved freshly into the womb of mother earth herself. As he aged, he learned combat with a simple broadsword. It was a light weapon and soon it became too light. With the additional practice, his father made him endure. Gallagher quickly became a youth of strength. That is, until his father was put out of work.

The family drifted to Europe; near the East Rhine Valley to be precise.

As the years there were slow, Gallagher's days came and gone. His strength was a thing which his family would soon show for pomp yet, that soon came to an end too. 1591 brought about what his father called The End of Days. A knight had gone berserk and his father, being a man of Will and Valor, he challenged the wicked knight yet, was not a form of challenge.

Gallagher witnessed the death of his father that day. Half of him was dead...and the other half did not take long whatsoever. Escaping the rampage, he was separated from his mother whom was able to elude the knight as well as her death.

He on the other hand was not that fortunate. Gallagher chose to stand against the knight along with a group of men whom were elder than he was. In a song of blades a battle cried as man after man had been slaughtered until there remained only four men against the lone knight. Gallagher rushed the knight along with two others. With his Seven Branch Sword in hand, Gallagher was able to block the sudden "reflexive whiplash" of an attack yet by doing so, the impact from the attack sent him reeling with one of the two men into a stone wall.

The elder swordsman was able to shelter Gallagher from the sudden impact of the wall yet by doing so--the man lost his life while Gallagher rolled down the hill and ceased to move. He vaguely recalled the days after his defeat but soon was able to remember what had transpired:

His mother escaped the onslaught. His father was killed in battle. Men of differing stripes were all cut down. In his confrontation with the knight, the man to his right evaded the sudden attack while Gallagher blocked it and as such, was lifted off his feet and thrown by sheer force of the colliding swords.

After that he recalls nothing. Even to this day.

Weeks later, after recovering, Gallagher was in the company of several people. Some German, some Irish, and then there were the two of Spanish decent.

"Hey" Looking to the speaker, he saw it was a young girl. "Be sure to eat and don't eat us out of everything."

Despite recovering most of his strength, he was unable to move around as he once could. "You went through a solid stone wall...what'd you think...? That you would just up and walk like nothing happened?" He shrugged. He was not much for talking as his father's death was still fresh on his mind. Not only that, but he knew not if his mother had survived. Despite knowing she ran in the opposing direction, he was still unsure.

All he could do was hope. Hope that she survived and that they would find each other once more. As for now, he fell back upon his father's teachings. One thing was clear:

Under no circumstances, was he to give up. Even if there was no path which led hence, he was to keep fighting for what he sought.

As for what he sought, he sought to merely survive the nightmare fresh upon the land.



Act I - Ky
is a youth of Japan whom Gallagher tries to teach combat tactics to. Of course, there are ups and downs, but Gallagher has seen him in combat. When his back is against a wall, Ky fights as a starved wolf and oft will alternate his weapon and firearm hands when such a thing occurs. Gallagher tries to get this nature to be a more prominent thing, but it is proving much harder than he initially thought. Despite this, Ky is a friend who makes many a bumble before he gets something right and to Gallagher, he believes that this speaks true to the quality of person as well as the genuine nature of Ky himself.


Act I - Riese
and Gallagher got off on the wrong foot when he mistook her for a barmaid, however, this was forgiven when drunkards had attempted to lay hands upon her and for Gallagher to give them a proper trouncing. Ever since this had occurred, the two now get on as a seeming brother and sister. Though the two have a genuine friendship that few believe should grow into something much more than mere comrades in arms. And it is oft that those few are laughed at. Especially when Riese hurls her drink at the person whom has said such.


Commander Annebella Williams
is a good friend who has taught him much during his time within Parousia. She not only was one of his instructors while in training, she was also one of the first people he met when he arrived in the country itself. The two take well to each other to where the can go and grab a drink as well as speak on smithing and even on proper steel and various metals of work. Architecture has even come into their conversations over the years they have spoken to each other. In all things, Annebella knows Gallagher near inside and out and even knows of his infatuation with Priya Salgado; to which, she gives him advice on how to approach her, however, he first has to get past her sister: Surina Salgado.

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