Kami I


Kami III

Two Natures Dwell
Given Name Kami
Birthplace Assumed to be the Nansei Islands
Birthdate She does not know the date, but she knows the month.
Age as of Act: I Reveals not. Her physical appearance and aging were affected by Soul Edge's aura and her own innate Spiritual Power.
Age as of Act: II Unknown (but simply tells others that she is in between 17 to 22. This is her own estimation of how old she believes she is despite having virtually no evidence of such.)
Age as of Act: III Unknown
Gender Female
Height Five shaku and Three sun (5' 3")
Weight 103 lbs.
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown
Eye Color II White, when utilizing her Spiritual Essence
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapons A custom weapon which is the amalgamation of a glaive and a halberd. This weapon has a chained section, thus meaning it can be used as a dual wielding weapon, similiar to a tri-sectioned staff.
Living Family Members Her sworn sister, Mi~Na

Her sworn sister, Arrai

Living Relatives Sworn Sister: Shira 
Deceased Relatives The small group of thieves she once resided with.
Alignment as of Act: I Neutral
Alignment as of Act: II Arthian
Alignment as of Act: III Neutral
Act: II Theme Mahati (6:28)
Act: III Theme Soulseeker (5:43)
"You have to keep on going no matter what. Even if you have to run through a church naked, making the old man suddenly feel his girth swell after fifteen years of it never swelling...or rising, whichever...or both? Or ride a horse through a market in your smallclothes with no brassier. ...Ugh, I'm bad at this! The important thing is that you keep on going no matter what, okay?"
— Kami


Kami, meaning Spirit, is a playful, fair, and just young woman who is named after her title. Kami is a Kaminchu. She along with her allies, Arrai and Mi~Na are capable of great talents. Kami specifically, is able to concentrate her spiritual energy into the form of a Yari and with this weapon, forged through pure will, is capable of destroying demons and other apparitions. Despite being the weakest of the trio, Kami is by far nothing to dismiss with ease. No matter how cheerful or even hilariously perverted she may be, she is very much capable of killing a quarter of an army with her spiritual powers alone if unchecked. Years before she had become who she was, she was an orphan whom roamed the dirt roads of the Ryukyu's. She was not born here, but this is where she wound up after a small ship carrying twenty was attacked and sank. As she wandered about the islands, she had met thieves whom were hiding from law officials and as she met them, they threatened the small child, yet it is unknown if it were out of ignorance or sheer arrogance but she did not fear them. Instead, she oddly befriended them and wanted nothing but food.

Despite being thieves, they were not murderers; they took her in and protected her. Bringing food and water as well as fruit for her as well. After spending a year with them, she learned their way of life. Stealing in order to survive as well as watching for the authorities. She, with black hair and brown eyes was hailed as the Goddess of Thieves for her tact as well as her unusual senses. She could sense the wills of others whom roamed about and was easily able to identify those whom were out to oppose her and her friends as well as kill or imprison them. This was shortly lived though. At the age of ten, an anonymous tip led them to the thieves hideaway and being overwhelmed, they were killed. With their fates imminent, they bought time for her to escape even though she fought to stay. She could feel that they were given little to no choice and as such, she did what she was told. Taking few things which would reminds her of her first and true family, she ran.

She spotted several times due to the large number of law abiding officials, yet she was not captured. She was unsure of how they had discovered their home let alone who gave them such a tip regarding such--yet she could do nothing about it now. Approaching the beach of Onna, she leapt into the water to escape her pursuers and swam. This she learned from the thieves. As she continued to swim, she could hear the men screaming at her, yet it was too late; she had climbed to the port-side of the only boat which she saw and hid amongst it as a stowaway. She hid for days and as she hid, she cried. They were her family. Haru, Mitsu, Sanjii, Ryo, and Haku were all her brothers and sisters who looked after her. As she wept, the small ship was boarded and seized. As she hid amongst the goods, she was naturally taken though she remained hidden. She knew that if she unveiled herself, she could possibly be killed as she remained hidden. Weeks had passed and she had been acting ever so cautious when she emerged from her hiding place. She crept in order to attain food and water and each time she was successful despite small suspicion as to what happen to this or that. One day, on the third week of hiding, she was taken (whilst hidden) onto a port and it was from there which she left her hiding place and blended with the crowds. As she walked, she took in the new sights where she had been.

The people dressed differently, looked different, and the women were much more built in their breasts than she was--this bothered her and racked a bit of jealousy amongst her, yet she soon got over it. Using a small portion of the gold she had, she purchased clothing so that she would blend in. After she had done this, she explored more of this place called Europe.

Oddly, it was not much different from The Nansei. Small marts and people hovering over what to buy and merchants eager to gain business. To her, the merchants were ripe for picking, yet before she could act on anything screams were heard. Her eyes innocent of evil were agape as she witnessed a child being decapitated before her. His head, cleanly and effortlessly severed in half, blew past her head as if mere trash carried by a fierce gust. Droplets of blood had tainted her face as she took sight of a terrifying man in Azure Armor. His sword, pouring with blood and that ominous eye within it struck fear into her, yet as the eye blinked, it froze and stared at her and soon, the man himself turned to her. He spoke and when he did, he sounded as if he were not even human. It mattered none, as he prepared to take a step towards her, she ran. Through corners, alleys, peoples homes even--just to escape this wicked knight.

It took what seemed to be ages, yet she had eluded him and once again hid amongst another vessel. This time, she refused to emerge from her hiding place. That eye had been staring into her soul as if it wanted her soul. She felt weak when it stared at her and when she had escaped, she could have sworn a small glimmer of relief had fell over the knight, yet she could not be sure. From vessel to vessel, she quickly made her way back to Japan. Though, she was far north opposed to be in the south. As she touched the earth of her birth-land, she felt a strange sense of warmth and serenity. Almost as if Japan had welcomed her back into her loving embrace despite her past. Though her past contained no murder whatsoever. As she stole from others, she made empty threats and had even injured some, but she had never killed anything let alone anything. Not even an insect. Yet, as she took in this new warmth and inviting sensation, she used the last of her gold and bought herself food. The sake which she had stolen had been delicious as well, yet, as she drank it, she immediately began to feel light-headed. Sitting herself down and watching the world spin around her, she slowly drifted off to sleep--feeling as if she had been consoled by simply being within the land of the Rising Sun once more. After she had come to from her slumber, she wandered once again. This time, near a forbidden capital which was abandoned. What had lured her to this area been the cherry blossoms. They were beautiful and Mitsu spoke of them often.

In fact, she oft wore one in her hair until--she refused to think about it now. As nightfall neared, she had forgotten that she had now been within her birth-land of the Rising Sun once more for three days and she had yet to eat after the first day. She was all right though. As she settled down by a lone cherry blossom tree, she was soon approached by a woman. Looking up to her, she could feel an odd sense of warmth about her. Calm. Serene. Almost as if she belonged with her. After offering the young girl a promise of shelter and food, she silently and quickly followed. The woman spoke to her and asked about her sense. This caused a small sense of nervousness about her as she could detect this so easily, yet, as they drew closer to an abandoned castle, she could feel several children looking at her. Not with fear, or anger, but curiosity. The woman explained that she had an unusual gift and that the very same children she felt looking at her with such innocence within their eyes were just the same as her. 

"The same..." She thought. The Nameless girl looked to this as another chance at having an actual family opposed to being alone. That itself was her greatest fear. Accepting the terms and what she had been and who she was to be, she allowed herself to be taken in by the elderly woman. Soon, she was adopted by the woman whom was late in life and close to death (graying hair). As she ventured with the woman up the steep hill she saw no one. This place, it held cherry blossoms all around and it was beautiful. As she walked the halls, she again felt the other children around her. This was why she had been adopted to begin with as she was told. Although she hadn’t a name, she was welcomed to the vast temple. It was once a capital but due to it’s position it was now nothing but an abandoned palace.

The Sakura Dai Gate it was called. Cherry blossoms whimsically danced about the court during the summer months and these were the months she enjoyed most. She found them to be beautiful and as she often danced within their waltz, she was often alone as most of the other children knew not why she was so happy. She knew not why she was. Yet, despite their unsupportive roles she soon made a friend. Her name was Mi~Na. Mi~Na was brought to them due to her superior level of spiritual essence. Not only that, but she was at if not beyond the same level which she had possessed herself. As the two first met, it was not easy getting close to the Ryukyuan, she could see a lot of sadness within her blue eyes. Though she took it upon herself to make her happy and in doing so, she brought her to her special place. Just outside of the Gate itself and while they were there, she made the finest tea from the finest of tea leaves she could buy.

Thus they sat. Drinking expensive tea while watching the cherry blossoms whimsically dance about them as the sun set. The two spoke of their pasts. Mi~Na told her that she had once lived within the Ryukyu's and protected a village. She cheered her for this yet, Mi~Na also informed her that the villagers hated and feared her for her abilities.

Furthermore, some resented her and cursed her. It was after the destruction of that village that she decided to leave and with her had been a small creature. Her friend which she claimed as her only friend yet, soon she learned the truth that her only friend slaughtered the villagers. Kami stared in silent horror while Mi~Na told her that she killed her only friend. Though this was one thing that she could handle. She embraced Mi~Na and gave her thoughts on the situation. Many demons would use tricks to get their way and for one to be as such and travel alongside her must have been plotting on feeding on her Spritual Essence. In light of this, Mi~Na looked at the nameless girl and then to the setting sun. 

"Demons of all kinds roam the world. Even the West has demons of their own." Mi~Na said not a word. The elder girl knew she had been correct yet the younger of the two simply knew that demons were said to roam amongst the earth in various lands and even the depths of all oceans. Myths she had heard really. Nothing more and nothing less. 

"Ever since Soul Edge has come about its caused panic everywhere and now we've got to deal with its remains." Nodding in silence, Mi~Na slowly sipped her tea. The nameless girl knew this from what the elder woman had told her. Taking in the information and cross referencing it with the knight she saw, she knew of it to be true. She had also told the woman that she had run into the that in the lands to the west yet, the woman already knew that. She could feel that the young girl had been bathed in evil but not possessed by it. This also led the woman to the young girl yet, she did not divulge this information to her. Little did she know, she had saved a life that day. It was unknown to her and it is still unknown to her that Mi~Na had been contemplating on ending her own life, yet, with this obvious fact brought to light, her inner flame slowly returned to her. 

"What is your name?" She was silent. Looking down to her lightly colored tea, she chuckled weakly. At this point, Mi~Na turned to her with slight shock. 

"You've no name?" Her brown eyes closed, she turned her head towards the steps leading to the Gate and then opened them. 

"I've been called many things: Brat, Bastard, Hell-Spawn, Whore's Regret, Mistake...but those are just titles..." 

"They aren't." Mi~Na set her tea down upon the small table and took hold of her hand. "Look at me." As she followed the command, she stared in her blue eyes. "You know by my eyes alone that I have never fit in this land. No matter the good I've done, it was never what they wanted or accepted. That is why I spoke to none of them. Though secretly..." Mi~Na looked down. "A part of you doesn't miss them at all." She said nothing. "That's the saddest thing about it. You protect them and you got nothing in return but their hate." Pulling her hands away, she again looked at her tea. 

"Do you really think it's right what we are or even want to do?" 

"It is." Mi~Na struggled to say that. "That's what Kaminchu do. We hunt, and destroy demons. Channel and communicate with spirits if we need to, and protect humans." 

"I a Kaminchu is to be the sacrifice..."

"Sadly, but that's a negative side of it. A Kaminchu is to protect the lives of those who matter from those who wish to murder, devour and other unholy thoughts." 

"All while risking our lives..." 


Mi~Na looked at her and extended out her arm. With a finger, she wiped a single tear from her face and stared at her hair. This girl's hair was black and now before her eyes a solid streak of white had manifested within her short black hair. Mi~Na doubted that she was even aware of what now occupied it. Though it seemed that she had an innocent and even beautiful spirit as well as personality. 

"Spirit..." The girl looked at Mi~Na as this word was said. 

"I've the perfect name for you." 

"A n-name?" With her knees to her chest, the nameless girl stared at Mi~Na with curiosity and hope in her brown eyes. Yet as the small smirk wrote itself upon Mi~Na's lips she proudly told her of what she thought. 

"Kami, meaning Spirit." 


"You've just as much to give to others as you've given to me. That's why." A bond was formed that day amongst the cherry blossoms and the setting sun. From then on, she would be known as Kami and Mi~Na would be her "Big Sis". 

Arrai has always been distant when it came to Kami. There had been not an ounce of hatred though. Kami never knew exactly what it was, yet she knew that Arrai trusted her only if Mi~Na backed any claims which she had. Even when it came to demons which were to be killed. Arrai trusts Kami little to none while Kami keeps her insecurity about the situation to herself. Though, there are times when she wonders if Arrai would risk her life to save hers. Kami has done so on few occassions yet, as time has gone by and she has observed how Arrai has treated her as well as how she speaks to her outside and inside of Mi~Na's prescence, Kami is not sure if Arrai even cares if she is alive or even if she stands alongside her as an ally. Kami has even gone as far as to wonder if Arrai dreams of Kami defecting to a darker cause just so that she can kill her. If that's the case then Arrai will be disappointed: Kami's will is stronger than most and her purity is by no means a simple task to corrupt. No matter if she be tainted as she is or not.

All those years ago, when she fled the original Nightmare, she was in fact wounded, but this be a graze compared to the victims. This graze was caused by the sword with the eye and as such, its corruption entered her body. Though her training has suppressed this corruption, it has in fact, grown with her. Arrai knows it and thus, does not trust Kami while Mi~Na believes Kami is in control of her own body. Only time will tell if she can maintain herself or quite possibly, lose herself to an ever present taint.

Meeting Kusanagi

She met Ky when she set foot upon a vessel which led to China. Kami, Mi~Na, and Arrai had separated in order to deal with separate threats and then when they were each finished, they would rendezvous near Ostriensburg for there was much to be done within that land last Kami had heard. As she laid in her room, she grew bored and went up to the deck. There had not been a soul about except one. His hair was long and kept in a low tail. As she approached him, she saw that he had a pistol at his side. Leaning against the guardrail, she poked his arm with her slender finger which got his attention. “Hi.” It had been the first thing she said to him and as he looked at her, he automatically stared at her hair.

This was common due to the continuous use of her spiritual power. Her once black hair had lost its darkness and turned pallor white. Her style of dress was attractive to the eye as it was exotic. Tiled armor coursed her outer thighs and her calves. Her feet were partially protected by this armor and she wore a long and open coat which had a hood attached to it. She looked exotic to the eye. Their conversation consisted of their pasts, their hopes, their dreams, and even their current objectives. Kusanagi desired to continue his family's work. Crafting weaponry and firearms. Kami thought it amazing that one could perform such work and with such detail as most other craftsmen (in her opinion) performed rather shoddy work. The two traveled together until they reached Klausenberg, The City of Fortune it had been called by few. Despite wanting to stay beside him, she allowed him to travel forth on his own. She was not his mother nor did she bear innate affections for him; that and he was his own person. She simply disliked her first friend (which held no special training or was of a mythical complex or of demonic nature) going off on his own when he knew so little of the world. Though she could say the same for herself. Kami knew only of Japan and nothing beyond it, though she knew of what existed in the world, Ky knew not even that. Though he has his set path in life as she has her own. 


It was months later, that she met his brother, Ren, better known as Tempest. Kami was rather pleased as well as flattered when she met him. Even though he immediately jumped from compliments to attempts to bed her, she found it rather comical. Especially for the fact that he was not entirely serious about it least from what she could tell. Though this meet and greet was overshadowed by the reunion with Mi~Na and Arrai. Mi~Na broke her stoic and detached persona the instant she saw Kami while Arrai appeared to tense. Tempest noticed this and later asked her about it, yet Kami could give him no answer. Days later, Kami was dispatched to Parousia along with Tempest.

The only problem was that there had been rumors of Parousia going at war and when the duo arrived at Epistema, that was when they decided to split up. Kami had told Tempest about Ky. To her, it was no secret for she could see the resemblance as well as feel their spiritual connection. They were brothers. There was no ill will lingered not in between them as circumstance is what divided them. Tempest went along and ahead to Parousia while Kami searched around Epistema. Sadly, her search was cut short as Malettan forces invaded the capital and slew the Old Family of Halteese. As she escaped, she aided a youth. She was a maid yet, her skill with a sword was beyond even what Kami knew. She aided this maid until she needed to take her leave. Grandallian forces had entered the picture and as the rumors had gone, few faces which she did not want to face in battle would make an appearance. She heard of Annebella, Surina, and Priya from the Halteesean soldiers which she had eavesdropped on and Raisa from Malettan soldiers. 

At the end of the conflict, Kami observed the maid, Aliyah, as she was taken in and protected by Grandallian forces. Though, as she observed the scenario, she could not help but wonder who the man was she served. His connection to her was strange. Almost as if he were a relative; but she could not detect much due to the man himself not being present. His room and even her armor and weaponry held his faint aura, yet, in order to be precise, she needed to see him in person and alive. Sadly, this never happened. Two days later, Kami came across a very splendid surprise. E'laura, revealed herself upon the field of battle. She could not get close to her, so she remained at a distance, leaving small and obvious evidence of her whereabouts.

Yet, only E'laura would notice them. As such, E'laura left her own symbols, which one was interrupted by a shirtless Sicilian. Personally, Kami disliked chest hair. It seemed...a bit much in her personal taste in men. As she watched E'laura handle herself in combat, Kami was amazed that E'laura's opponent had detected her. It was in this distraction which E'laura incapacitated her opponent. This was her chance to fill E'laura in on her findings and after she had done such, E'laura passed on her news: "Soul Edge is reconstructing itself. You should warn the others for this evil is something which is to not take lightly..." It was after this news had been delivered when she sense and ill aura. It was emanating from the Sicilian. Turning her head to its side, just as an adorable puppy would, she observed the man. He was able to detect her due to his own involvement with the sword it would seem. This news she shared not with her comrade. Instead, she kept it to herself--even more so when he, himself protested that the sword must be destroyed.

With that bit heard before he passed out, Kami took her leave; but not afore giving a gesture to her comrade. This gesture was his saving grace. With that, E'laura tied and dragged the man off. He was half conscious and watched her as he slipped into his own realm of slumber. Kami thought it odd that E'laura was taking him to towards the rest of her allies, but E'laura had resources from many places, which Kami herself had never even heard of. Taking the scenic route, Kami concealed herself when the Grandallian forces drew near her position and as she hid amongst the Keep, she witnessed a sight which she had longed for. It was Ky. Even more alarming as well as pleasant had been the sight of Raine...yet, she appeared to be different as well as sound different. Raine held a British accent while now she held a thick Russian accent. As she spied on her friend she was not surprised when Raine picked up on her presence yet, she was enthralled when Raine was called "Raisa".

As she drank in "Raine's" aura, she realized that this was not Raine. It was her sister. Her younger sister at that and further off she could feel a third sect which meant that Raine had two younger siblings. That, and that this sibling before her was the middle child. Kami's observation was again cut short as the Keep was destroyed. Getting to her feet, she surveyed her surroundings and as she pressed on, she nearly passed up someone. It was Ky. Face down and knocked out. Propping him upright, Kami resuscitated him and he came to halfway through. After seeing if he had been alright, she deemed him fit to travel, yet he seemed rather shocked to have been kissed as he took it. Drawing on her playful nature, Kami straddled him and rested her elbows upon his shoulder plates. 

"Fine...if you think I kissed you then I'll kiss you." It was three minutes later that she pulled her lips from his and she did this rather quickly as she felt an odd bulge from his jodhpurs. Despite his obvious reaction to her advance, she meant nothing by it. In fact, Ky had been the first person she had ever kissed. Even more so to that had been the fact that he had been the first which she has knowingly aroused. She found it interesting yet at the same time, she knew she could not experiment with where it could lead at the time. Thus, after guarding him until he came across members of his paradigm, she left him to them with Gungnir knowing naught of her. 

Act: II

Girardot's Rebellion:   


Act I - Raine

Raine is a woman of grace and poise. Kami likes her witty retorts and her overall wit and oft wishes she were as worldly in knowledge as Raine, however, what she is at odds with is that Raine has a powerful taint coursing through her. Unlike Kami, who has undergone training in order to suppress such corruption, Raine suppresses it by sheer will. She finds this amazing but also is unsure if one who has not recieved training or have had rituals done to suppress such taint can endure it for long. She worries for her, but at the same time, she knows that she is not so different from her.

In Spain, a few things she can expect: good food, interesting people, and Temperance wanting to see her naked. These are constant and Kami knows it. Temperance may be a good-hearted and strong-willed woman who has fought for her life on several occasions as well as the lives of others, but Kami is not attracted to women. Kami still remembers when Temperance took her to shop for clothing and all she wanted Kami to wear was nothing but silken underthings! To this day she still shudders at the memory of Temperance leering at Kami as she undressed.

Sub Chapter - II Temperance
Temperance Riviera
Act I - Ky
Kusanagi Ky

She met Ky when she initially set forth to leave Japan. He was amazed by her hair and the wa his eyes drunk in her appearance, he was more taken in by her body as well. Though he was timid in approach and refused to say anything on how he viewed her. She did not press it beyond teasing him a slight. Though, she had never been looked to in the fashion of attraction until she met him. It made her mind buzz with ideas, however, she did not known him and would rather take things at a slow pace as time allowed.

The duo traveled together for a short time and stayed in Klausenberg until her mission directed her to part ways with her new friend. Bidding him well, she went on to continue her hunt for a being called Gax.

Ren is a good friend of her whom she could tell was Ky's older brother. He had a much more open and fun personality when compared to his younger brother and was not afraid to speak his mind...or speak of his attraction. Ren has tried to woo her with song as well as presents and even alchemy, of course, Kami was not too taken by him. However, he was still a good man at heart. Speaking of which is why she denies him. He still reels from the heartbreak which he suffers after his to-be-wife abandoned him for an abusive lover.

In truth, Kami believes Ren is trying to bury his emotions by quickly being with another. This is the reason why she has refused him, although she will never tell him of this.

Kami feels for him, yet she would rather not be the one to slip up and shatter what fragile a heart he has left.

Act II - Ren Kisaragi
Kisaragi Ren
Act III - Arrai

Arrai was met more than ten years ago and is regarded as her Big Sis. She values her opinion and cares for her but oft wonders if Arrai feels the same. With her dual natures, she believes that Arrai may not even think she is worth the effort to save, despite the fact that Kami has fought by her side for years as well as trained by and lived with her too.

It pains her heart that Arrai has little to no faith in her, but at least Mi~Na does. That's what keeps her going when all else falls to ruin around her.

Holds her dear. She would not have a name if it were not for Mi~Na. Over the years, the two have grown close and over the years they have shared many laughs. Kami knows that she can depend on her no matter the case.

Act II - Mi~Na


Act: I


Crossed paths with Ky as she was investigating Untide,Maletta. In doing so, she resuscitated him as he was found, face down in the small river underneath the keep of Untide. After Ky is no longer in immediate danger, she straddles him and passionately kisses him simply because she wanted to know what kissing was actually like. Little did she know, kissing and biting his nether lip brought about his erection which after feeling, she immediately got to her feet.

From that point, the two are forced to combat the remaining Malettan soldiers which were scouting the area for Grandallian survivors. It is after this battle that Kami takes her temporary leave all while leaving Ky blissfully unaware to her true objective. Furthermore, it is worth noting that she bears a small if not growing fondness for the fellow Japanese. 

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