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This page is for Myth as a highwayman in the PotM reboot "Lost Highway". for the original Myth, Click Here.

Nicholas "Myth" Fazello is a created character that's made it to Soulcalibur III, IV, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny|Broken Destiny, and Soulcalibur V. He's also the protagonist of the Soulcalibur fan fiction Lost Highway.


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Born in Siracusa (Syracuse in Itallian), Nicholas Fazello was the son of Pirate Captain Giovanni Fazello and Inn Keeper Maria Fazello. When he was young, his father sailed home with a son he had with another woman prior to marrying Maria. At sixteen years of age, Ryunosuke decided to join their father’s crew while Nicholas opted out of a life at sea. Two years later, he almost killed the son of a Mafia don in a bar fight because the don’s son pulled out a knife. Because the don caught wind of a plot for his son to overthrow him as don, he spared Nicholas’ life. But due to respect and a possible mob war brewing, so he needed to save face, he run Nicholas out of Siracusa.

Sometime later, Nicholas was a starving drifter without a home of his own in northern Italy. Because of Sicilians being a minority, he was faced with a lot of prejudice and couldn’t find honest work. He eventually saw that the ways of the world needed a change after seeing others suffer. And the only way for a peasant like him to force a change, was to become an enemy of society. So he took up a sword as a highwayman.

During his early days as a highwayman, he botched a job that had a certain Japanese swordsman as a guard. The swordsman left him for dead, causing him to realize that the world is a bigger place like his father had told him. After losing consciousness, he woke up under an unfamiliar roof. His rescuer belonged to an order called the Assassins, who were fighting in a secret war against the Templars. With an offer to help fight for a cause bigger than himself, Nicholas joined the Assassins and carried out missions under pretense of being a highwayman.

He had become something of legend, only being referred to as “Myth” by his wanted posters because of his night time attacks and no one ever really saw his face (due to his hood). Sadly, his infamy got out of control and was spread throughout Europe. Instead of being the hunter, he was now the hunted.

Lost Highway

The highwayman Myth was notorious, but not invincible. During his travels, he met a stranger not of this world with unnatural abilities that he could never comprehend. After escaping, he fought a vampire and its servants who were harassing a young woman. Due to his encounter with the other-worldly stranger, he lost the fight.

When he awoken, he found out that he and the young lady known as Cassandra Alexandra were saved by Rock, a man who had lived in the New World since being shipwrecked at childhood. Due to his new life debt with Cassandra, he was forced to accompany her on her quest to save her sister. This would be the start of his adventure into the supernatural and the unknown.

Upon his life debt, he was given a hidden mission when he reported to his superiors about Soul Edge. Even the Assassin Brotherhood knew of that wicked blade, but neither them or the Templars ever got a hold of it because of it's power. Myth was given two missions while accompanying Cassandra: First was to see if Soul Edge was a Sword of Eden. The second was the if it wasn't a Sword of Eden, to destroy it as it too has the power to shape the world.

The Mantis War

Fifteen years later, things are still the same. Soldiers, local law Enforcement, and bounty hunters were relentless on their assault. It got to the point where they even shot his horse Mercury, his one true companion. Horseless and exhausted, he decided that leaving for the New World was his best option. But as his dwindling luck would have it, he was captured and imprisoned, but not by anyone from Europe. The mastermind of the Mantis War, Chester had hired mercenaries and bounty hunters of his own to capture Europe’s most wanted criminals and bring them back to Maletta. Once there, the captured criminals were offered the choice of fighting for him or execution. Myth’s pride got the better of him and he chose to die than be forced to fight for Maletta.

As he awaited his execution date in the dungeons, Maletta’s capital was attacked by Grandall forces. He used this one chance to escape through the chaos. But unfortunately for him, he was found by E'Laura , a young General renowned for her skill, paintings and other means which supply her vast wealth. Despite his efforts, Ada had subdued him by forcing his own actions against him and falling for her ploy and into her trap. As he came to, he overheard Exodus' Commander suggest him being killed as he is wanted for treason and murder while the Commander of Relic said not a word. It was Priya, the commander of the unit Gungnir, who offered him the idea of "redemption" if he allied himself with her paradigm and with little to no choice, he accepted. He officially joined Gungnir and fought alongside her, Ky, Raisa, Aliyah, and Meiga.

Little do his new comrades know, he's not the man they think he is. Due to a curse that has stopped his body from aging, he looked as he did fifteen years prior. Another part of the curse, he cannot stay dead. His body fully rejuvenates upon death to the way it was when he was cursed. He is basically an immortal, one who will stay on this earth until the angel Gabriel blows his horn at kingdom come. It happened during his travels with Cassandra, when a noble from an unnamed kingdom had her abducted as ransom to have the highwayman pull a hit on his younger brother for marrying a Romani woman. Having little to no choice, Myth assassinated the target in the guise of a robbery. About a week after getting Cassandra back, the younger brother's widow paid the highwayman a visit. She had slit his throat with a knife that she laid a curse upon. The curse was to never feel death's sweet embrace. What she didn't know was that the blade was created with a shard of the cursed sword. Both her curse and the shard's true nature conflicted, botching the curse. Not only would the highwayman never feel death's embrace, time had fully stopped for his body.

After so many years, he had to find a way to keep the truth about his curse hidden from the world. With the current advances of medicine and the old dark arts, many of men with money would pay a hefty price for immortality. And the highwayman knew that he would be tortured, dissected, and many more things worse than death if the world knew of his immortality. He decided to fake the death of the old highwayman Myth, then come back posing as his successor. This allowed his freedom to travel without being hunted for his immortality, just his bounty. Any foe who killed him and witnessed his resurrection, he would slay to maintain his secret. Due to the current emperor of Grandall's fears of death, he knew he could not tell his comrades of his curse.

The Rebellion

It has been a year since the fall of the Kingdom of Dalkia and the Halteese Republic. All was well until reports of an attack upon the Boarder came back and proved former General Girardot was the main orchestrator of the attack. He had seized a stronghold which was vital to Grandall's defense and had also been recruiting citizens loyal to him.

One person he knew that he could persuade was Myth, as the highwayman wasn’t even from Grandall. Despite wanting to return to Europe and let wary travelers fear his blade once more, Myth joined the Rebellion because it reminded him why he took up the sword as a highwayman in the first place. So leaving his beloved Rapier at Ky and Raisa’s shoppe, Myth gathered the weapons that Ky forged for him and left to join Girardot’s cause.

At the same exact moment that the formal General was slain, Myth was shot in the chest by one whom he thought as a brother. That and the shock of seeing the one whom he learned to respect being slain by the Emperor of Grandall was more than the highwayman could take, as he dropped his weapons and fell down a ravine, thought to have died.

The Spartan

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The highwayman didn’t only survive, but lost his memory as well. He was found by the daughter of a blacksmith who was loyal to the Rebellion and Girardot. Over the course of the next few weeks, he worked under the blacksmith and talked with his daughter about her fascination with Greek Myth and Folklore. She gave him the nickname Spartan, because he was able to decipher a scroll she had that was written in Greek and because he reminded her of someone from the ancient warrior race.

For once in a long time, he found peace. Sadly for him, that peace would end in the form of Grandall Soldiers. They were out to punish the Blacksmith for his crimes of helping the Rebels. After their commander stabbed the Blacksmith, they barricaded the doors and set the house on fire. The Spartan had to convince the daughter that her father wouldn’t want her to die next to his corpse before escaping through the forge. It was there the he collected the bronze armor, sword, and shield that he himself had forged before making it outside. But as fate would have it, the Grandall Soldiers were waiting outside the exit.

The Spartan fought them off, killing three of the five as well as their commander. The commander’s dying words were that he knew the Spartan’s true identity, which angered the Spartan as his lead to knowing who he really was died with the commander. Despite the commander’s last dying word.


The Spartan didn’t know what the commander meant by that word. All he could do now was escort the Blacksmith’s daughter to her aunt’s home in the next village. It was there that he learned of a new Rebellion against Grandall’s emperor. It was then and there that he decided to join this new Rebellion, as the forces were former soldiers of Grandall. Maybe they knew who he was?

Critical Finish

Uses his sword to knock the opponent in the air and brings them down. He then powers up his blade by raising it into the sky. As they stand up, he slashes his blade through them vertically, sending crystals everywhere as the opponent drops dead, consumed by green flames.


La Spada del Fazello

Growing up, he was taught the ways of the La Spada del Fazello by his father. Unfortunately for Myth, his father was left-handed and taught him to wield the Rapier left-handed despite being right-handed. Thanks to this, he's a better fencer with his left than his right. But this also allows him to fire his pistol with is right hand and fight if his dominant hand and/or arm is broken (which has happened twice). La Spada del Fazello literally translates as "The Sword of Fazello" in Italian.


The long sword and pistol sword was mainly self-taught, as he was too fast with just a rapier and had problems with opponents using shields and/or heavier weapons. Yet, his speed was also his defense. So by using a heavier blade in his left and a shorter blade in is right, it increases his defense. And the shorter blade having a pistol built into it allows him to shoot with his right hand without switching weapons.

Faint Memories

Mainly his memories of wielding the Pistol Sword in his right hand, as he was taught to fence with his left. The act of using a shield was because of his weapon set, the Bronze Series was both sword and shield. And thanks to his strength in his left arm from wielding a rapier with it for so many years, he can raise his shield properly.

Gun Slinging

Myth was always good with a pistol, there's no question about that. And because he was taught to wield his sword with his left and is right-handed naturally, he can wield both sword and pistol without too much difficulty.


Knowing that he would occasionally have to hunt for a meal and keep his detection low, the highwayman learned the ways of the bow and arrow. Due to its stealthy way of killing, its the ideal weapon for undetected kills as well. He can shoot an arrow as well as a bullet depending on the situation at hand.


This refers to his training in the Assassin Brotherhood, where he was trained how to use almost every weapon known to man. This makes him a pseudo "blade master".


Before and during this time as part of Gungnir, he wielded a Rapier called Vendetta. Between the Mantis War and the Rebellion, Ky gave him a long sword named Fortune and a pistol sword named Fame which were based on weapons he once wielded (the originals were given to his younger brother Ryunosuke fifteen years earlier). Since then, he left Vendetta in Ky and Raisa's shoppe. Upon his return during the Arthias Revolution, he reclaimed Vendetta.

During his memory loss, he forged the Bronze Series. The reason he even forged anything out of Bronze was to humor the Blacksmith's daughter for giving him the nickname Spartan. Even though they were not originally intended for battle, they proved their worth going against steel.

He also wields a revolver of his own design. Unlike the ones forged by Raisa, his are less artistic and more plain. When he moved in with her and Ky at the shoppe, he made more of these revolvers for selling. Due to being only sold on Saturday nights and the fact they cost less than half of the price of Raisa's models, most of Parousia knows them as "Saturday Night Specials".

Other than his pistol, he has a bow for longer ranged attacks. The bow allows for more silent kills. And when he uses it for an actual fight, he has special arrows with vials filled with gun powder and tacks that cause small devastating explosions that attack multiple enemies at once. He also uses fire arrows if the situation calls for it.


Myth is normally an easy going individual. He's kind and likes to joke around. But when you anger him, beware. When someone hurts or threatens to hurt someone whom he cares about, he is the most unforgiving individual there is. Goldback Jane once learned this when a group of vengeful bandits were about to rape and murder her. Myth took their heads and sent them to hell.


Pirate Raid (SC3)

Amongst men of the sea, a rumor had began to circulate that the great pirate Cervantes had hidden an enormous treasure in a cave near the coast of Spain...

Naturally, this story was merely bait scattered by Cervantes in order to gather souls to feed to Soul Edge, but it brought a never-ending stream of pirate ships to Cervantes' hideout.

And now, once more, a ship was approaching. It was a two-masted ship, compact even for its time. As if hinting at the fate that awaited the ship, the wind increased in strength and raging waves washed upon the deck.

Seeing his prey come chasing the bait, Cervantes cackled and readied his weapon.

Sailor's Rest (SC4)


  • Despite being self-taught, he’s a great fighter and gunsmith, managing to somehow make the first (and assumingly only) flint-lock revolver.
  • He named his Rapier Vendetta because of his vendetta with those with power who look down on others. Or at least that's what he tells most people. In reality, it was forged by Rothion out of the remaining holy ore he received from Hephaestus at Cassandra's request when she witnessed his fencing prowess. The name is for his Vendetta against Soul Edge.
  • He worked under a clock maker when designing his flintlock revolver, who didn't know that he was a highwayman.
  • He can make a revolver, but cannot understand the design of a pepper box.
  • The style of fencing taught by his father, La Spada del Fazello, literally translates as "The Sword of Fazello" in Italian.
  • He hates Fish. Also, he dislikes pears.
  • He is also known as the Outlaw King, but tries to hide it from his friends.
  • Is actually the grandson of the most powerful Mafia don in Syracuse.
  • Is a swordsman, gunman, and bowman.
  • Despite not being a pirate, he sings sea shanties because a lot of the customers at his mother's inn were sailors. And the fact that both his father and adoptive brother are pirates as well.
  • Joined the Assassin Brotherhood at sixteen years old and left after the events of Soul Calibur IV. He left because of his personal failures at saving Sophitia, rescuing Pyrrha, and letting the Astral Chaos take Cassandra.
  • Even after leaving the Brotherhood, he still wears his hidden blades. But to this day he does not wear a hood as it was the real symbolism of the Assassins in his eyes.


  • Father and crew were slain by Cervantes.
  • Member of the unit Gungnir during the Mantis War with Ky, Raisa, Aliyah, Meiga and Priya.
  • Was the male on-and-off lover of Goldback Jane.
  • Older step-brother of Fazello Ryunosuke. Due to his curse, he poses as Ryunosuke's younger brother at times.
  • Twin of the accomplished alchemist Adam Fazello. Other than Myth's curse stopping his aging, the main difference between the two is that Adam is an albino while Myth is not.
  • Younger brother of the pirate Sheamus "Jack" McNoil. Jack was adopted by Giovanni Fazello as an infant when Giovanni found him and his mother on a piece of driftwood at sea. Jack's birth mother died soon after and Giovanni had him raised with Myth as a brother after Adam was taken away.
  • Father of the young woman Bess, though he lied to her saying he was the original Myth's "successor" to hide his curse.
  • Knows many Assassins in the Brotherhood. Even after leaving the Brotherhood, he sometimes keeps in touch.


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