Flag of the Grandall Empire

Parousia, better known as the Walled City, was founded and settled within the early 800's, Grandall has seen war for most of its short time it has been a country, or at best, the city-state as it is. It is only after drawing a peace treaty with Dalkia that many of its enemies pulled their reigns. Over the course of time, the Red and Gold Knights effectively pushed many would-be invaders a long way from their gates.

The Walled City of Parousia was built amidst the chilling ground out of the way of many territories. Due to its northern locale, the temperature rarely reaches a high of seventy-degrees. However, its residents have become rather comfortable within the constant chill and many are seen with short-sleeved clothing or short pants.

The dead of winter still sees a few who dress as such. However with such conditions, much of the Walled City itself suffers from a rather bland appearance. Stonework present in castle, to homes, even down to the two brothels which are found within The Red Light District.

There is an exception to this however, Feron, oft referred to as Styx, has little masonry intact and is easily the most neglected portion of Parousia itself.

Parousia is divided into six districts that span out and cover roughly three miles from the castle through the six districts before one reaches the city gates. The first of the Districts: Helden, which houses the most wealthy within Parousia as well as the Emperor himself.

Rosemore, where the markets and many upper-class citizens reside. In regards to the military, Central Command is located within the easternmost area of this district.

Eastborough and Westborough, are both formerly the same district, yet due to size, it was divided and made into separate areas. 

Feron, was once a prominent district which was the center of all trade, of course this was before conflict of old had reached Parousia's walls. As such, the district has fallen into disregard and is a haven for the lower class and thieves.

Lastly the Red Light District is where many men and women indulge in their more baser urges. With guards posted 'tween the Red Lights and Feron, there is little conflict in the area as most within the district itself, are still working despite the pleasure that is enjoyed.

As of September 17th, 1605, the weather has chilled enough to hint at the arrival of an early winter. This date is the opening of Chapter One of The Mantis War.

The First District: Helden

"Biding. Conspiring. These two things allot time and patience. Many have these two qualities, even I. But I do not need to act on them."
— Strife AstlarThe Grandall empire spans across several old dwellings, homes, churches and what was once separate towns, now functions as the Walled City. The former towns are now divided into Districts. The first and as many would say is to be the most important, would be Helden, so forth named by the mother of the first King to rule the area, but more notably would be that in this district, it holds the Grandallian Castle; home to none other than the Emperor himself.

A 'gilded' few reside here. E'lara Riga lives on the outskirts of the district however she rarely interacts with the Emperor or his 'fanciful' trappings.

The Second District: Rosemore

The second district is called Rosemore. Just as beautiful and breathtaking as Helden, but several grades down from the first district.

The more prominent of citizens dwell here. Surina and Priya are of note as they live within their father's home. Girardot and his younger son also lives within this district.

The Third District: Eastborough

The third district, Eastborough, was a unique district as it was larger than any other district when it was so named. As such it was divided.

The Smithy or Shoppe which Raisa and Ky share is within this district. Most of the squadron of Relic lives within this district as well.

The Fourth District: Westborough

Unlike its twin, Westborough is rather lively with more to entertainment than work. This district has many shoppes given to worldly pleasures and other things. The tavern, The Svipul, is tied here and borders Eastborough.

Raiko and Meiga dwell within this district. As does Gallagher; who would not want to be too far from the tavern under any condition. Annebella Williams has made a home within the area as has Aeneas and Girardot's elder son, Rudiger.

The Fifth District: Red Light District

Riese chose to live here despite being given many alternatives. Aeneas on the other hand, visits this area quite does Raiko. This district is fairly obvious due to its night life. When the sun sets this district lives up to its name with several treated lanterns and torches blazing a deep red flame. This district is lined with the lecherous and the promiscuous who thrive mainly after the sky candle has long been extinguished. Here, sex sells. As do many women who entertain the husbands who tire of their wives or the young man who finally wishes to know a woman's warmth without being bound and shackled in order to do so.

Occassionally, other women seek out this district to taste what many consider a forbidden fruit: other women. Rumors are also about the winds of men seeking other men. Yet within this district and within the appropriate hours, no one judges, nor do they care. So long as you pay as you are to, their lips will be sealed...lest you pay them for a more private affair outside of the district, then whatever it is that happens is strictly upon you and whatever you paid for their mouth to do.

The Sixth District: Feron Styx

The final district was in fact named Feron, to mark the sense of travel and trade which used to flow through the area. Truth told trade once entered and departed from here, but times have changed and with all things, it dissolved. Now only the poor gather here and what people are not of the poor or oft crooked, criminals, thieves, and villians of many sorts. It is now referred to as Styx, named after the works of Dante and the muck which is to accompany said river within Hell in saddening and accurate comparison.

Grandallian Military

Is slowly growing, but not by much. Due to constant peace, few choose to join ranks, but even so, Grandall boasts a fearsome military presence.

Notable Soldiers

Girardot Argzeas is the current General of the Parousian Army.

Kagami holds the rank of Colonel.

E'laura rose to this rank via conflict, stopping mutiny, being indispensable in ending a second rebellion and above going the call of duty by preventing the assassination of the former King of Dalkia. She is the first woman to ever hold the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Annebella has earned the rank of Captain.

Ignis bears the rank of Colour Sergeant.

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