" I understand more than you give credit for, but I understand that you will do as you will, but just know that I will act as I must just as I assume a man to act as he must and with them, degeneracy is oft all he ever accomplishes."
— Pfieffer
Pfieffer - Act I
Full Name Pfieffer Reaux
Birthplace France
Birthdate 1586, November, 17th
Age as of Act: I 19 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five Feet and Six Inches (5'6")
Weight 55 Kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Blood type B Negative
Weapons Cinquedea & Shield
Sidearm Dirk
Weapon's Name Has not named her Weapons
Deceased Family Members Father: Alexander Reaux

Mother: Belle Reaux

Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian
Theme during Act: I Tower of London


Born to a struggling father, Pfieffer never knew what it was like to have a motherly figure. It was obvious that a male could not be mother as well as the father figure at the same time so her father, Alexander Reaux, raised her as a father and nothing more. As the years went on, she saw other girls wanting to be married to a prince and wanting to wear luxurious dresses and to also crave children—some of them wanting a large family—Pfieffer saw this as: “Primitive thoughts of the undying hunger of idiotic, delirious, and love-drunk women who refused to take care of themselves and instead relied on others to tend to them.”

Her father knew that Pfieffer would be no such thing. In school, she was often teased for not having a glamorous dress or even a skirt for the like. She was often called names and even called a boy on several occasions. None of this fazed her whatsoever. At least, after the first few times. When in schooling, Tabitha had called her a low-life who refuses to accept who she is. She had also gone on to address her as Phillip in order to annoy her.

It was not long after that, that a few knocks on her father’s door had finally been her breaking point. Tabitha had come to her parents earlier that day crying and claiming that Pfieffer had been the reason as to why her face was in such a Beggar’s appearance. She had been bleeding from her left nostril, and bottom lip; while her left eye had been darkened considerably. Tabitha claimed that Pfieffer was a brute and that she had beaten her for “no reason” of course, after listening to the parents give their implore and what they wanted to be done about the situation Pfieffer was brought in front of them and was asked by her father if she did in fact, beat her. She looked at them both as they studied her male-like style of dress. The mother, dressed like the typical mother and in a kitchen’s smock while the father was more dressed for travel.

“Well Father,” She began. “She would not leave me alone. This…thing, a cold and empty shell of a human being if ye do have the gall to call “It” such a thing, decided that it was hilarious to deem me "Phillip", and other choice debaucheries that one as fashionable and credulous can produce from such a complete waste of intermingling."

The father objected to Pfieffer’s speech yet she gave him her implore.

“I speak how I see fit and I speak the truth. If it displeases you then refrain from listening. Yet, if ye do strike me, I’ll strike ye back.”

Tabitha’s parents were in shock that Pfieffer had spoken in that mocking manner and that her father had not lashed out at her whatsoever. What was more important was that Tabitha had gnashed her teeth as she saw that there was no clear victory against Pfieffer.

“It is not much the fault of yours that your child is pampered and spoiled. It is truly your fault when a desperate ram tupps the white yew—which is as ripe as rotten fruit…” Looking Tabitha down and up she added onto her words without a smirk nor a glint of humor or joy. “…and that is by personality…if ye think deeper into my words then clearly ye shall see the very essence which makes “it” a "girl" is by far a rotting pile of maggot-infested, half-eaten slop."

Tabitha retorted by calling her a “fucking bitch” among several another choice words which proved Pfieffer’s words to be true. Pfieffer used not a word of profanity in order to get her point across yet hearing their daughter use such language turned the tables rather quickly. Even more so, she also handed her parents a note that Tabitha had dropped which was being passed to a boy named William. Tabitha’s parents matched the handwriting to Tabitha herself and now, after finding out that their daughter was sexually active (from the note) and also disgusting upon the tongue, she was lashed upon her back by her mother and then her father. Despite this being the truth, her father did scold her a bit for bringing such a minor thing to his door. Other than that verbal scolding he cared nothing about it. She was learning to defend herself both physically and verbally and not only that, prove the faults in others if she feels as if she has been treated ill. Most importantly though, she was no liar; this was something her father would not tolerate as Pfieffer too, tolerated it none.

Years had passed since then and now Pfieffer had been sixteen. At this point in her life when most of the young females she knew were beginning to search for suitors for marriage, she planned on joining the military and after observing how the training and other things went, she was set on joining. The only problem was the she lacked the proper training to truly handle herself in combat. Not advanced such as another opponent but the basic with any weapon. Most females used two weapons if they lacked the upper body strength—which she unfortunately lacked as well—seeing that she had not much a choice in the matter, Pfieffer took up a sword and shield as her primary weapons. The shield had been attached to her armor and her sword with within her grasp. She had been a right-handed combatant. This meant her sword hand was her right hand. As she fought alongside and against her military allies, she passed her exams and the field tests. Despite this, she was not picked up on any commander’s listings for nearly three years.

This caused her stress and self-doubt seeing that she had come so far without gaining the other stone to place her foot upon.

Pfieffer had grown since then and her tolerance has grown far shorter for others; such as men who claim to be better than they are were nothing more than mere maggots gnawing at rotten meat.

She believed them to be fools and also to be what she felt as “The typical Man” which hungered only for sex, gold, and blood. Pfeiffer was not all too shocked when she saw women doing some of the same thing. Prostitutes, whores, the lot of them were nothing but mere trash. Excrement that must be kicked from her heel with every step she took. Archer Gallagher was one of the few who did not look at her in a manner of lust and this made her curious. Come to find out, Archer had been assigned to a newly formed unit under the command of a Commander named Surina. He told her that he had been chosen for the unit Exodus after a short time of him completing his initial training and it was also Commander Surina herself that handpicked him. As she recalled, Surina had a younger sister named Priya.

Although she had never met either of them she at least knew of them and her father’s glory. Kamil was a great tactician and military commander whom had been nearing the rank of General. Sadly, he died shortly before the former Emperor could grant him that title. As she listened to Archer, he told her of another male which had graduated as well. His name had been Ky and he had been Japanese and had also been recruited to another new unit: The Gungnir. Pfieffer had never met “a Japanese” until she met him face to face alongside Archer. Though, as she compared the two, neither of them looked to her with lust yet, Archer looked in everyone’s eye as he spoke to them while Ky looked just off their eye level.

This told her that he had been incompetent and pathetic while fearful and credulous all the like. She would never come to respect Ky. Though she does wonder why Raisa is so tolerant of him at times, she quickly dismisses the thought. It was after much time that her curiosity got the best of her and it was after asking Raisa herself that her curiosity was put into a quagmire. Raisa told her that he put his life on the line to save a woman’s who he not only did not know, but whom had lost her husband to thieves. If Raisa had not interfered, Ky would have died trying to save her. After hearing this, Pfieffer re-thought his personality. He was capable of courage even when he clearly knew he would fail. She would need to re-evaluate her thoughts on this pathetic individual. Though, it would have to take time in order to do so. The days had drifted by slowly and she had begun to grow restless. Pfieffer had set out and took a "stroll" through the woods in order to clear her mind. She stayed close to civilization just in case things grew too far out of hand.

With her were of course her shield and sword. She had come to a rest near a river and allowed herself to think. This would be cut short. Two men had appeared and attacked her. The both of them had their faces covered and were attempting to keep her in-between them both. One with a dagger and the other with a short sword; the former lunged forth at her and she evaded his attack expecting her latter opponent to follow-up behind her. This was correct. Pfieffer evaded the short sword and quickly recoiled from her evasive stance and drove her blade through the bottom of his skull.

Kicking him away she jerked her blade which by this force, split the man’s face in half. Listening to the remaining opponent’s gasp she turned to him and readied herself. Before he could do anything else, he was struck by an arrow within his left thigh and then another entered and went cleanly into his shoulder. Tensing herself, she watched as a woman with white hair impaled her opponent through the skull and slowly she withdrew her blade. Without wasting a second, Pfieffer hurled her former opponent’s sword at the woman—missing as she intended, she used this time to close the distance. As she closed in, the woman recovered from her evasion quicker than Pfieffer had anticipated though as she drew her blade, Pfieffer saw that from her position, she could not stop the woman’s attack with her sword nor could she properly defend herself. She acted on a rash gamble. Using the sheath of her sword - which was within her shield itself - she successfully wedged her opponent's weapon within the hold and was able to strip her opponent of her blade while delivering a series of headbutts—sending the woman into a light daze.

Charging in for the kill, Pfieffer was halted by a lance. It blocked her path and as she looked to the direction from whence it came it was too late. Another individual had used it as a means of charging her and charged into Pfieffer with her body. As she quickly got to her feet, she took mental note that her armor had been severely damaged by the new threat’s spiked pauldrons. Although she was not wounded, her armor was now in terrible condition and near that of being destroyed.

“I doubt you wish to continue…”

This is what the new threat had said to her though she pointed her blade at them both and held her shield close to her chest. It was then when she looked to the crest upon the new threat’s armor. A symbol a dragon. Not any dragon, but that of the Grandallian Empire. Her weapon, still aimed at them both, she refused to come to terms of ease so quickly.

“…so, you don’t trust my words? Especially when a commander is giving you orders?"

Pfieffer hesitated none. She remained silent and tense while the white haired woman retrieved her sword, which had been thrown to the ground as Pfieffer was struck by this “Commander”. Seeing not another choice, the woman who claimed the rank of Commander took her lance to arms and then surprisingly ordered the white haired woman to follow her for they were leaving. Pfieffer watched them both as they vanished into the vegetation and she was not going to pursue them for they possibly knew the area much more than she did and they also had the advantage of manpower.

It had been hours before she returned to her awaiting father who looked most annoyed. Apparently, the woman was in fact a Commander and she was none other than Commander Annebella. Pfieffer felt a sense of relief but also a sense of pride as she was able to best one of Annebella’s soldiers in combat; though her pride was not going to be the only thing that would be blown larger than normal. Her father handed her declaration which was sent from General Girardot himself. Within three days time, by the moon’s peak hour, she was to report to the Boarder of Parousia at mark 12. To make things even more interesting, she was reporting in to none other than Commander Annebella.

Battle Style

Pfieffer knows only the basic tactics which she learned from the Empire’s Academy. Her style of combat revolves around short and quick attacks which she stems out to a decent range by leaping, stepping into, or thrusting towards her opponent. She is an average fighter with a well-rounded attack and defense system where she will attack to give a false opening, parry, and then attack her foe with extreme prejudice.

Although she is not as proficient as the other members of her unit, Pfieffer believes that her heart and her unbreakable will, shall get her through anything.


Usually picks on Ky simply because she thinks he is not a hardened individual.

She holds absolute respect for those who rank higher than she does—especially commanders.

Pfeiffer has a hatred for Meiga because he defends Ky and has often put her in her place.

She has yet to learn to keep her mouth shut when it comes to most situations and Annebella often has to step in to correct her for being out of line before someone else does.

Is easily annoyed by those whom claim to be "pure" and "just" while hiding behind their religion when they do the complete opposite.

Has low tolerance of “pathetic” males who whine about never getting anywhere in life or assuming they can have whatever it is they set their eyes on and females who lie on their backs waiting for their prince as they take bath after bath in the fluids of “men”.

She believes that she should be the rightful one to serve as Annebella’s second in command—not Arrai.

Act: I Relationships

Commander Annebella Williams
Annebella Williams 

Pfieffer's commanding officer, Annebella Williams, recruited Pfieffer due to her judgment when her life was believed to be in danger and also for holding her own against Arrai in combat--despite the fact that Arrai allowed herself to be overcome due to the fact that Arrai knew Pfieffer was not an enemy. Pfieffer believes this explination is nothing but a lie. Yet, Annebella respects Pfieffer for her skill but often implores her that she needs to learn to think before she acts. Annebella acts the very same as a pack mother yet, Pfieffer dislikes all things related to a "mother" due to her own family history.

Ky is one whom is very shy and even timid. She believes that he must have a difficulty around women. Pfieffer walks over him and scrapes the mud from her heels whenever she is around Ky. Metaphorically speaking of course. She finds him to be what should have been swallowed instead of born and often criticizes his failures which make him even more awkward around not only her but women in general. Pfieffer believes him to be weak and undeserving to be the second in command of Gungnir.

Act I - Ky
Kusanagi Ky 

Meiga is one of the few whom actually stands before her. He often defends Ky when Pfieffer begins her onslaught of insults and it is he who normally wards her off; if not him, then it is Fazello whom shields the youth from her. She dislikes him for sheltering the weak and prolonging Ky to stay weak. The two of them are of Gungnir, and the unit itself is not within her favor. She cares none for either of them and believes that they are better off disbanded if not dead.

Arrai is the second in command of Relic and therefore, is above Pfieffer in all aspects. She dislikes this fact. Pfieffer believes that she is far more capable of being Annebella's second that Arrai and refuses to believe other wise. The Egyptian rarely speaks to Pfieffer yet when she does, she does not talk to her. Arrai talks at her. The two cannot stand each other and if it were not for Annebella, one of them would have been dead a long time ago. Pfieffer knows that it would not be her whom breathes her last either.

Act I - Arrai

She has not much to say of Raiko as they very rarely have any form of exchange. Yet, Pfieffer is appauled at how Raiko can whore about as she does unabated as if there is nothing wrong with whoring oneself about. For the most part, she is indifferent to Raiko.

She hates Raisa. Her way of speaking and all else concerning her. Just as her religious squadmate "dislikes" the Russian, Pfieffer hates Raisa. Nearly as much as she hates Ky. Raisa stands up for him and has even gotten into a physical altercation with Pfieffer due to her own tussle with Ky. What truly rubs Pfieffer the wrong way is that she was bested in combat by Raisa.

  • Priya believed it to be no surprise yet what made this result even more damning had been the fact that Annebella had also agreed to this directly in front of Pfieffer as she struggled to pull herself from the cold ground. Raisa, recieving little to no injury went on to enjoy her supper while Pfieffer struggled with her bandages and damaged armor. The humiliation that this brought was what drove her hatred for the Russian as it is and Pfieffer will best Raisa and when she does, she intends to kill her in the process.
Raisa (Act I)
Raisa Zhirova
Nicholas Fazello

Pfieffer is a woman who believes that women are the pinnacle of both genders. This is true, and apparently, this man believes her thoughts are wrong. Whenever she attempts to trample Ky, he intervenes. If not him, then Meiga will take up the mantle of guardian. As a thief, Pfieffer would love to not only kill him but to also force him to beg for his life.

Eurydice is a quiet young woman who Pfieffer respects. Her family was responsible for the plans, layout, and custruction of the Welshdat Bridge. Despite the bridge being centuries old, Eurydice stands guard until she joins Relic. Pfieffer admires her dedication to her family history and also respects her skill in combat.

Eurydice - Act I
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