"Life is only but a test. When you fail, you're either a slave or you're dead. There are no differences or exceptions. Personally, I prefer death."
— Raisa

Raisa (Act I)

Forever Fearless
Full Name Raisa Zhirova
Birthplace Moscow, Russia
Birthdate 1586, February 14th
Age as of Act: I 19 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Seven inches (5' 7")
Weight 132 lbs (60 kg)
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapon Wōdāo (Chinese Sword)
Firearms 6-chambered wheel-lock revolvers x2
Blade's Name Sapphire (the Shéng Biāo bears no special name)
Firearm's Names Heartless & Vindicate
Sub Weapons Twin Daggers (these daggers bear no names)
Living Family Members Raine; her elder sister.

Raiko; her younger sister.

Deceased Family Members She watched her mother be burned alive in their home when she was 15 years old.

Her father was beaten, and dragged through the streets as stones rained down upon him. His body was never recovered.

Living Relatives Aunt: Abigale 

Younger Cousin: Grayson

Deceased Relatives Uncle: Henry

Elder Cousin: Elizabeth

Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian
Theme as of Act: I Theme of Raisa 


Raisa is of a fair complexion and has a deep colored hair of red. Her eyes, green. Her features give easy identification that she is not entirely Chinese. She holds scars across her body from countless fights, cuts, gashes, scrapes, and even wounds from being shot. Easily missed in a crowd, Raisa is capable of eluding practically any pursuer.

Raisa's Biography

Raisa is the middle of three daughters born in a land which knew pagans to be the death of all life. Due to her bi-racial features, her life was made all the harder for her mother was Chinese and her father was of Russian decent.

A kind man he was and he did all he could to tend to his wife and his three daughters. As the second child, Raisa looked only to her mother for emotional support since her elder sister; Raine, easily seized their father’s eyes while her younger sister clung to Raisa as her only friend. Acting a parent to her younger sister, Raisa took pride in tending to Raiko's needs whether it be them playing, her being terrified of the dark or a mere cut from falling. Raisa was always by her side. This all changed when the men of the cloth accused her mother and father of witchcraft. It wasn't much of anything to her at first until Raisa noticed that everyone had begun to shun not only her, but her entire family. Soon after that, Raine was sent away to somewhere in Europe while Raisa and Raiko were left with unanswered questions.

As time passed Raiko soon grew into the stage of intercourse and the joys it brought and often stayed away from home and with various boys and even men. Disgusted with her younger sister, Raisa kept their conversations to a minimum. Her mother took notice of her daughter’s behavior and she then decided to bring Raisa to the truth of many things in life. Through her mother’s teachings, she learned of infatuation, love, death, pain, agony, torment and the other fates which rested within life itself. In addition to that, (and what she believes to be more important) her mother had given Raisa the very weapon which she had used in her youth, Sapphire. It was a weapon forged of Damascus and was considerable in weight. In addition to that, she also gave Raisa a diary for which her mother had filled every important event of her life and told Raisa to read a page of it a day only after her nineteenth birthday. Agreeing to this she then practiced with her mother in the art of the samurai day and night. Raisa was also taught how to forge and smith armor. Beyond this was talk of a gunsmith whom had crafted a revolving mechanism. Naturally, with her curiosity swelling, her mother bought several books for Raisa to read regarding firearms and their construction.

She was happy with her life until shortly after her fifteenth birthday. It was nearing the twentieth hour of the day and all had already been covered by darkness when she was on her way home from buying strawberries and peaches, her and her mother’s favorite fruits. As she took notice to an orange light in the distance, Raisa quickened her pace to see just what it was and when she reached her destination; Raisa froze as she saw her dwelling set aflame. Raisa immediately snapped from her idleness and braved the flames hoping to save her mother but instead she found nothing more than a corpse and with her father and sister away from home, there was no one to lend their aid. Dropping to her knees and wept--however, Raisa’s eyes were then filled with hope as her mother reached out for her. Taking her hand within hers, she promised to save her mother only for her mother to order her not to. Bewildered by such a command, Raisa ignored her words and attempted to lift the column which had pinned her mother to the floor, however, she could barely move it. Promising to help her mother she fell silent when her mother’s hand touched her face.

“There are things you’ve yet to learn Raisa…in time you will though…pleasure you shan't take from it but you shall learn…”

Before Raisa could speak, her mother instructed her to take Sapphire and the Diary with her and to never return to this land for nothing but death will wait as the humble servant it is. As it was the final request, Raisa did just what her mother instructed and as the morning approached, she watched the small embers die as they could find nothing else to burn. Knowing not what to do, Raisa set forth and hoped to reach Japan, however, a woman in religious attire offered her home to her, her home being a church. Initially Raisa declined until she discovered Raiko had also been within the church as well. Agreeing for only that cause, Raisa entered the church only to have new restrictions placed upon her. The head priest of the church also wanted to take her Wōdāo, Sapphire, from her, however, she was able to keep it since the woman, a nun, informed him it was one of the only things that she had which belonged to her mother. Three years had passed while Raisa entered and lived within the confines of the church; Raisa hated wearing the long skirts and dresses.

She had also despised that she was forbidden to engage in her practice of the Wōdāo which her mother had taught her. It annoyed her that she had to dress so feminine while also having to offer grace and prayer to a deity which she did not believe in. The only thing that allowed her to tolerate such idiocy was that Raisa had often spoke to her younger sister, yet she acted as if no one else existed around her. Raisa thought it possible that Raiko were in shock of their mother’s death and just as Raisa had done when they were younger, she held her sister close for what seemed to be hours before she had left her room.

Many a night had gone by where Raisa sat with Raiko and out of the time she had spent there at the church, it was where Raisa spent most of her time. Preparing to visit her again, Raisa made sure her dress was in order and her hair tightly wrapped so that none would fall in front of her face. As she made it to her sister’s room, Raisa was surprised not to see her there, thinking the head priest might know of her whereabouts, Raisa immediately set off to his quarters. After she had reached his sleeping quarters she took a breath and knocked on his door...there was no answer. Knocking again, the door slowly slid upon, which she did not intend to happen but, as it did, Raisa sneered and covered her mouth and nose as an odd stench crept through her nostrils.

Covering her nose and leering in, Raisa stared as she found Raiko and the head priest within the same bed; Raiko was fast asleep on top of him and the stench of sex filled his chambers. Outraged of her younger sister’s actions, Raisa tore away her dress and took up her clothing from when she had first arrived. She was leaving, however, as she prepared to leave her room another priest stood in front of her. The man forbade her to leave, yet, he was not enough to deter her. Pushing him out of the way, she was caught off guard when he grabbed her by her hair and then slammed her into the wall behind her. After being pinned underneath him, the man began to grope her and then proceeded to shove his hand down her jodhpurs. Fearful and enraged, Raisa drew a hidden dagger and stabbed the priest several times in his head. Escaping through the window of her room, Raisa left the church behind and set forth to the west.

Eighteen she now was and she had no place to go. Venturing through her homeland, she had asked questions about a rumored witch which was killed long ago; just to see if the people were just as twisted as she recalled. Raisa had learned that her mother was put to death because she was accused of witchcraft but in addition to that, she had been accused of becoming impregnated by a demon. This brought not only shock but anger to Raisa’s already emotionally battered mind but that soon fell on deaf ears after she was told of what had become of the husband, her father. He had been beaten; whipped, tortured and eventually stoned to death for the people believed he too, was a demon. Leaving the land behind was her next action.

She wanted nothing to do with the people of that land. Raisa contemplated on killing them all but then again, her mother refused to be saved as she could have easily been able to lift the column Raisa was too weak to move…was it…true? Or could it have been a cover so that Raisa could escape with little to no chance of being noticed? They were answers which Raisa did not have. The only thing she did have, were her mother’s sword and her mother’s diary.

As she traveled, she came across those who had attempted to rob her. She killed them. There were also those who had attempted to rape her; they attained nothing more than a merciless death but not before being parted with them very thing they were born with. As she continued in her travels, she reached a neutral city. The flags bore the symbol of a mythological creature known as a dragon and the citizens were accepting of her. As she made her way pass a church, Raisa inwardly sneered at the thought of her younger sister.

Not paying attention to her surroundings, Raisa was brought back from her thoughts as a shrill scream shattered the silence of the night. Rushing over to the area where the scream originated she found a young man, with the gleam of the moon she could see he was swarthy in complexion and by his features, she could tell he had been Japanese. She questioned herself as to what he could be doing all the way in these parts; yet, she ignored that and immediately entered the fight which he had been in. Raisa, with her skill, had easily killed two of the three men which had opposed the swarthy Japanese. As she thought of the third opponent a gunshot made her instinctively turn and to her enthrallment; the third man fell to the ground—dead. The swarthy young man had shot him and saved her life.

Despite saving the now widowed woman’s life, Raisa and the swarthy young man were arrested and imprisoned. As they had what seemed to be all the time to get to know one another, he introduced himself as Kusanagi. His name screamed Japanese as did his features. As they spoke, Raisa learned that Ky was a Christian and had just come from a church just before they met. Raisa’s initial hatred began to surface but at the same time, it had not the ability to muster as much strength as it once was capable. Ky was a Christian, yet, he did not attempt to bring Raisa harm, instead, he saved her life and fought side by side with her (to a degree). Ignoring her wavering thoughts, Raisa kept a stern and frozen friendship with Ky as they remained chained in the castle dungeon awaiting their judgment. After two weeks of barely eating a thing, the pair was greeted by a man known as Girardot and with him was the woman who had lost her husband. They both vouched for Ky and Raisa’s release apparently.

Raisa believed that there had to be some form of payment for their release and she was right. Girardot had struck a deal with a few officials and in order for them to escape prison and possibly even the gallows, they were being to seek redemption and to atone for their crimes of murder, they would craft for the military. Raisa thought it a decent idea while Ky on the other hand found it to be unacceptable but seeing not a decent other end to this problem, Raisa accepted the terms. Shortly after, Ky did as well.

From then on, they worked.

It was one month before her nineteenth birthday that she had decided to join the military and seeing Ky as her only friend, she pitched the idea to him as well.

At first he had been indecisive about it but Raisa reassured him that it could benefit them both in terms of freedom and mobility. Possibly even a chance to escape. As the month of January came and gone, Ky had finally made his decision and not only that, but it was now February the fourteenth--the day of Raisa’s nineteenth birthday. Raisa was nervous about her mother’s words, however, knowing what she was told to do, Raisa vowed to never return to her homeland and she also vowed to live by the sword. As for the diary, Raisa has only begun to read what her mother has left behind.

Main Weapon(s)

Wōdāo: Her Wōdāo, (a Chinese sword dubbed “Sapphire”) is a weapon which was given to her by her mother and this weapon was the very weapon which her mother used in her younger days. It is a Damascus based sword which weighs nearly twenty-five pounds (the hilt itself weighs eight pounds, yet this is not factored into the original twenty plus pounds). This proud blade has kept Raisa alive while ending the lives of those who dared oppose her whether it be on the field of battle or just a mere thief whom believed her to be weak. This weapon however, was cracked and then shattered during the battle with Kierkess. Ky and Fazello were also engaged in combat against the sadistic soldier and it was the joint effort of the two males which brought about the death of the Dalkian in cold blood.

It mattered none, yet, for her blade to be shattered, it broke her. Raisa herself felt as if she had suffered a greater death than truly dying herself. Sapphire was the only thing which held a tie to her mother other than the diary which was left behind for Raisa to specifically read. As the war drew to a close, Raisa began to sink into depression for the loss of something which meant dear to her.

Shéng Biāo: A Shéng Biāo is one of the flexible weapons in Chinese Martial Arts. This weapon is 10 metres long and is also made of Damascus Steel. Instead of rope, this weapon is made of steel in the shape of a thin but strong chain. This weapon holds a steel dart at the end and is used to catch opponents at a distance as well as ensnare foes as well as disarm them. Raisa is capable of using this weapon to twine, bind, circle, strike, pierce, as well as strangle.

Despite mainly using her hands to control this hidden weapon, Raisa is capable of using her this weapon from nearly any joint of her body, such as her feet, elbows, and even her neck. Her aim with her revolvers as well as her aim with her Shéng Biāo, are both enhanced due to her high end hand-to-eye coordination. She is ambidextrous with this weapon just as she is with her blade and firearms which make her unpredictable for she can use her weapons in nearly limitless fashions.

Raisa considers Sapphire and the Shéng Biāo to be one weapon as they were handed to her as such. Despite how others may address her weapons, in the end, they are hers and no one else's, thus their words bear no meaning for they cannot deem what is it not theirs. Especially, if they have never witnessed anything of the like.

Sapphire's Specifications
Name Sapphire
Classification Sword/Rope (Chained Spike) Dart
Length 80 cm.
Weight 21 lbs.
Era Fourteenth Century/Sixth Century
Region China
Cultural Sphere China
Special Modification

A Shéng Biāo is fitted into the

handle of this heavy

Damascus based sword


Dual Wheel-Lock Revolvers (at each thigh) dubbed “Heartless & Vindicate”.

Dual War Daggers at her waist.


Raisa’s technique revolves around the drawing and sheathing of her weapon. Her discipline is that of Iaido and with the teachings of her mother, Raisa knows the arts of Kashima-Shinryū which make her the more lethal a combatant. Raisa is capable of remarkable speeds even when there is the slightest of an opening in her opponent’s defenses.

Act: I Relationships

File:Raine (Act I).png

Raine is her elder sister. Raisa and Raine got along as siblings should yet, they interacted little. Raine was too caught up within her studies to bother with trivial things such as "playing" with her younger sisters. Though upon meeting one another in Untide, Maletta; the two act more as sisters than Raisa does with their younger sister.

They respect each other and will (as well as have) defend one another with their very lives.

Raiko is Raisa's younger sister. Raisa always looked after her younger sister and still does after all these years, though with far less care. Raisa's view on Raiko is that no matter what happens, she is still family.

However; Raisa is conflicted with allowing her younger sibling be the 'pretty little whore' opposed to beating her for disgracing their mother. Raisa dislikes Raiko for her whorish behavior yet, underneath her cold if not sardonic exterior, she still cares for her younger sibling.

File:Ky (Act; I thumbnail).png
Kusanagi Ky

Ky is the only male she fully trusts despite how rash and heartless she may be towards him. By her standards and how she justifies her methods and attitude, she deems it 'proper etiquette'. Others refer to this relationship as 'tough love' for outsiders who view their behavior can see how Raisa acts, reacts, and judges whatever he does. Even Priya questions her methods yet, Raisa counters with 'how "pampered" he is and that relying on everyone to lend their aid is nothing but a child's foolish fantasy of a Utopia.'

The two of them share the same 'punishment' and must lend their craft to the Grandallian military to enhance their chances for victory when it comes to weaponry. If they should refuse, they are to both be hanged. Despite her cold persona and his warm personality, they are able to co-exist rather finely even under immense stress.

Fazello is one whom was adopted into Gungnir. E'laura was the one who dragged him back to General Girardot who was surrounded by his allies as well as Exalted, Gungnir, and the late arrival of Relic. Despite their differences, they hold a sibling-esque relationship which oft borders childish antics.

Beyond this, she trusts the man to a degree. As she has seen, his intentions are based in a just manner, however, he IS a highwayman. Several whom have held such a title have been killed as she was on her way to Parousia.

Ultimately, his background gives her pause.

Nicholas Fazello
The Highwayman: Fazello

Priya Delgado is her Commanding Officer and one of the few individuals she respects. Compared to her sister, Raisa looks to her own commanding officer with respect and restrains her tongue only by her request. Other than that, she sees no reason to bite her tongue in front of anyone.

Raisa simply does not see eye to eye with Surina Delgado, it has always been this way and it was after she was insulted by Surina. Ever since then, the two have been at each other's throat (so to speak) and are nearly drawn into physical confrontation often. Even after they are forced to rely on each other to survive during the war against Dalkia, this has not changed. She merely tolerates her instead of liking her.

Aliyah Ruel Halteese

Aliyah quickly befriends Raisa when she is adopted into Gungnir. Before Fazello to be precise. Raisa gives tips and also lends her aid to Aliyah as she tends to her armaments. The reason for this is due to how she cares for them just as she, herself, cares for her own blade, Sapphire. The two are close and one of the few which Raisa considers as a "friend".

Riese is a woman whom has years upon Raisa in age as well as skill. Before the war had even begun, the two of them were seen together at times either swilling ale or in mere conversation. Raisa suspects that Riese was once an Assassin.

This is due to her vast knowledge of the world and even her techniques in combat as well as her vast knowledge on poisons and works of the human body. In addition to this, Raisa has carefully studied her actions which leaves little to no doubt of Riese whatsoever. Raisa bears no ill-will to the woman, that said, they are kindred spirits in several ways. One way is steeped in religious views:

"Can you see something when it is not there? If you say it is there, how can you be certain? Hallucinations are possible in life just the same as well as delusions of grandeur after death." —Riese

Despite their similarities, it should be noted that: " who can easily close the distance 'tween you or a target with little to no detection on your part or theirs, is one to always be wary of." —Raisa

File:Riese's Prelude Card.png
Gallagher (Act I thumbnail)

Gallagher is a man whom has won her trust by his feats alone. She has witnessed him protect the opposing gender (women) from those whom would wish to hunt and enslave them. He has also done rightly by Raisa in terms of deliveries and is a good patron. For the most part, she finds his character to be in good standing and values his opnions over most others. the two are able to laugh and joke back a forth, much like how Raisa and Fazello interact, but with much more peaceful means. To Raisa, the 'Man of the Ire' is a welcome sight no matter what form of day she is having.

Dawn Larrieux wanted Raisa to be within her squadron, however, Raisa denied the request as her ties were with Gungnir. She made it clear that she meant no disrespect, however, she was well seated with where she was. Dawn oft visited Raisa when time allowed so that she could try to pursuade her to join, yet Dawn was continually turned down. Disheartened, Dawn merely informed Priya that: "You're lucky to have found one who knows their loyalties. Do your best to keep her, for her kind are rare." —Dawn

File:Commander Dawn Larrieux (Act- II).png
Dawn Larrieux

Act: I

Raisa (Act I)
Forever Fearless
Full Name Raisa Zhirova
Age as of Act: I 19 years of Age
Height Five feet and Seven inches (5' 7")
Weight 132 lbs (60 kg)
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapon Wōdāo (Chinese Sword)
Firearms 6-chambered wheel-lock revolvers x2
Blade's Name Sapphire (the Sheng Bao bears no name)
Firearm's Names Heartless & Vindicate
Sub Weapons Twin Daggers (these daggers bear no names)
Living Family Members Raine; her elder sister.

Raiko; her younger sister.

Deceased Family Members She watched her mother be burned alive in their home when she was 15 years old.

Her father was beaten, and dragged through the streets as stones rained down upon him. His body was never recovered.

Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian
Theme as of Act: I Theme of Raisa

Raisa is nineteen as the war begins.

She is normally seen wearing a deep shade of blue as well as black and silver. It can be assumed that these are her favorite colors yet it is not known which is by far her most preferred.

As storms roll in, people oft take to their homes and shelter themselves from the downpour of rain, however; Raisa is always seen within that very same rain. It is her favorite kind of weather next to fog.

Of all armor types and forms, she loves the Lamellar pattern of armor simply because it is of a proper fitting and can be worn either under clothing or even mixed/stitched/hewn into what she desires to wear. This also ensures high mobility opposed to being weighed down whilst in combat.

Being biracial has led to her family suffering from discrimination as well as prejudice, ultimately leaving her detached from most people. This detachment and callousness from others has allowed Raisa to develop her fierce independence.

Her favorite food/fruit to eat are strawberries. Peaches are a distant second favorite.

Raisa takes immense pride in maintaining herself and is well versed in the manners of hygiene and physical upkeep. She also knows how to tend to minor gashes and light wounds due to her spending months fighting for her life as she traveled from Russia to Parousia alone.

February the fourteenth, her birthday, is acknowledged but is not mentioned until February the twenty-fourth. Ky is the one who remembers and decides to purchase her a gift. Not flowers, foods, or a measly dress, (she would kill him if he ever tried to fit her in a dress) instead, Ky purchases a silver necklace and crafts the pendant, (a dagger) himself. Originally he planned on having it be a small and heavy charm with a portion of it being made to symbolize a revolver, but the cost would have been too much to purchase the scrap needed for such a small yet complicated piece.

Raisa only speaks with those of Gungnir, with very few exceptions. She limits herself to speaking with only Riese, Gallagher, and Raiko (if she has no choice in the matter). All other instances are indirect or she literally has no choice in the matter.

She is on speaking terms with General Girardot yet she does not take advantage of this privilege as others do. Aeneas uses his connection to Girardot to not only make his way into Exalted, he also uses Girardot to be sent to the front lines when the war begins despite his training being incomplete. Raisa believes this to be rather foolish, yet if he is willing to throw his life away in for the sake of glory and fame then it is not her problem to worry of.

Raisa wields her Wōdāo (Chinese Sword) along with dual daggers at her waist, two dual wheel-locking revolvers and a hidden Sheng Bāo. She utilizes all of these weapons in order to survive during the war against not only Dalkia, but Halteese, as well as Maletta.

Raisa holds a fierce loyalty to family and holds them in highest regards compared to others. Raiko is no exception to this loyalty. Though, Raiko is only concerned for her own interests opposed to family bonds and other matters.

Despite having a tense relation to her younger sister, Raisa has a strong bond with her elder sister, Raine. To this end, the two actually act as if they are related: finishing each others sentences, thoughts, as well as know what the other may be thinking or what they will want to do.

Although their meeting was brief, Raisa openly showed emotion (much more emotion than is ever shown to a present Raiko) simply because she had found her sister whom was moved to England after constant threats from the Church nearly seven years ago.

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