Grandall operates within the form of Paradigms. The name itself was initially frowned on, however, over time, it eventually stuck. Grandall's functions are poised and operated via a CC, Central, or simply Central Command. General Girardot presides here as the Commander of the Grandall army but this position is easily controlled by the Emperor as well as his own personal advisers.

In the past, this form of control had led to a few advisers vying to control the empire, only or the plot to be unveiled and the conspirators hanged. Whether they were actually involved with the plot or merely allowing it to go on, their fates were the same.

In the present, 1605, Grandall currently as three hundred individual Paradigms that function on a slightly looser leash. But only a few are given precedence to push further than the main army. Certain squadrons whom have proven themselves or are for instance, the sons or daughters of heroes and great commanders are given such a placement. An adviser or General can help this process along as well; such is the case for Priya and Surina.

The Empire also holds its elite paradigms, or Tactical Paradigms which function as strike squadrons which are tasked with striking vital points to enemy fortifications and weaken defensive lines with either subterfuge or outright sabotage.

Act I: Gungnir

Gungnir is a recently formed Paradigm which is led by Priya Salgado, youngest daughter of Sergio Salgado, former second of the General Girardot.


Priya Adonia Salgado is young, calm, and a new Cadet in the year of 1603.

Like her sister, she enlisted shortly after their mother's death and have achieved high honors in a short time.

In 1605, she became a commander as was assigned her very own Paradigm to command.

All just before Dalkia declared war on Grandall; ultimately putting the "baby bird" into the sky with naught but vultures.

Commander Priya (Act I)

A usually silent but calculating indivdual, she too has been damned with murder hung over her, Raisa Zhirova is in the same buring carriage as Ky; either 'fight for us, or die'.

She also happens to be skilled in smithing and 'gunman-ship' (as Achilla calls it). 

With her knowledge of combat, weaponry, scouting, and tracking, she is an invalable asset to Gungnir and overall, a boon to the country entire...

...despite her misgivings of the latter.

Raisa (Act I)

Kusanagi Ky left his homeland in order to continue his family's work, unfortunately he was sidelined with accusation, ridiculed, and imprisoned.

The only way he can earn his freedom is to fight Grandall's war or die within it.

He's a decent armorer and has knowledge of Dalkia's forging processes. 

This knowledge has been used to exploit weaknesses in their armor and shields.

Act I - Ky

Meiga is a man of many words and a man of few drinks. That being said, he is a calm-minded individual and strives to impress by wit and action rather than by brawn or how many women he has bedded.

Much of his past he refuses to tell, but the way he caresses the scar upon his face is telling of a choice which he regrets.

As a scout, he seeks out enemy tracks, movements, and if time allows, game so that he and others can eat.

A - I Meiga

Aliyah was a servant to Halphas Halteese until the day Dalkia impersonated Grandall knights and attacked them.

Bearing tactics meant to gradually weaken any force over time, Aliyah backs this up with brutal confrontational combat geared towards disabling or crippling her enemies. She alone brought three squads to their deaths and fought Annebella to a standing of no contest before Malettan forces caused her to retreat.

Aliyah Ruel

Thief. Highwayman. Not much else is known about the "prize" which was kept in Maletta's dungeon for months. 

What is known is that the man was sought out by Chester, and with that being the case, it is better to rob Chester of any advantage he sought.

In the end, this was a great investment to bring Fazello along as he knew more about Malettan and Dalkian whereabouts, camps, locale, and even two of their supply lines...

Nicholas Fazello

Act I: Exalted

The Squadron of Exalted is prized for its blunt and swift execution of objectives. This is largely thanks to its commander, Surina Salgado. She is at times referred to as SS which is short for Stout Steel.

Commander Surina (Act- I)

Surina Chelle Salgado is a stern young woman with a heart of solid steel.

As Priya's elder sister, she looks after her kin and holds none at bay if anything threatens her or her family.

Presiding over her squadron, Exalted, Surina commands with what many call dogmatic determination, but what it truly is is her commanding like her father. Those old enough to remember him, see this, but to Surina, she can keep her father's legacy alive by serving and commanding just as he has.

Act I - E'lara

E'lara Claire Riga is the daughter of a long dead noble who ransomed her to schooling for ettiquette and then to schooling for swordsmanship.

Every woman of her bloodline knew their way with a blade, it was only natural for her to follow suit. What was more than that, was that she became Girardot's second in command for a time - outright outclassing all other women of her line with this achievement.

E'lara aims to become more than any in her family have ever attained and amassing further fortune is naught but a pastime of hers.

Gallagher (Act I thumbnail)

Gallagher refuses to speak of his name and strictly goes by his surname.

The man is a giant among men, being that of six feet tall. His past involves tragedy as he is one of few survivors of Nightmare's onslaught near the East Rhine.

After this, he speaks little of what life he has led after, but will  happily attribute to his time in Parousia and his training.

Whatever his past has done has left him scarred physically and mentally.

Act I - Riese

Riese is a woman of much intrigue. Her intellect speaks of truths beyond that of the norm.

Her dual blades are what give many pause and her skill in combat are on par with Girardot's resilience, Surina's tenacity, and Raisa's bizzare drawing and sheathing speed.

She fights with a cunning and discpline which only few can place.

Her talents reside in Infiltration, Espionage, and Sabotage. 


Many question how she came to be involved in the war, but the answer is far more interesting than naught. It was Surina's folly not knowing that Raisa had an identical sister. 

Raiko on the other hand, saw fame, fortune, and the many interesting trinkets that dead soldiers leave behind. Additionally, she saw this as a means to establish a foothold and possibly a home all her own if she survived.

Weighing her options, Raiko knew she couldn't play on another's arm for mead and ale forever, thus she assumed the role of soldier and would do so with her own flare.

Act I - Aeneas
Aeneas is a man whom prides himself on testing his limits. He prides himself on his battle proficiency as well as his methods of seduction. The man knows no limits when it comes to bedding women and is not immune to boasting of his conquests.

Act I: Relic

Relic is led by Annebella Williams. She hails from Dalkia but has resided in Grandall Territories for over ten years. During this peacetime 'tween the two giants, Annebella pledged herself into the arms of combat and strategy. After a time of this, she worked with those who preferred a more sublter approach. Gathering information and using it for both Dalkia and Grandall won her high honors when she delivered news of breeches to be exploited and supply lines to target.

As such, her years of multipurposed training has been slowly taught to her squadron: Relic.

With Arrai serving as a strategist and scout, she acts as Relic's eyes and ears in a wide manner of settings. Arrai's tact alone spared many a life when Dalkia fell upon Grandall's Eastern Gates.

Commander Commander's Second
Commander Annebella Williams
Act I - Arrai
Noemi - Act I

Annebella Williams hails from a militiristic Dalkian family and has lived a life with the military since she was 17 years old.

After enlisting under Grandall, she acted as a liason between Grandall and Dalkia, while also serving in the loosely formed intelligence department. It did not last long, yet she learned what she could and built connections that have proved invaluable.

She became a commander at the age of 27 and was handpicked as Girardot's second. Her performance led to her forming her own paradigm.

Arrai is a woman of foriegn land and blood. Annebella recruited her initially to save her from befalling what Ky and Raisa would later suffer.

Arrai is of Egyptian blood and despite this, she is honest.

Brutally. Honest. She is a skilled tracker, hunter, and is of a mind for tactical plotting. 

In the end of it, Arrai is trusted by Annebella due to her prowess and the fact that Annebella sees a younger version of herself within Arrai.

The two get along well enough and Arrai serves as Relic's Second with unerring pride alongside her friend, Annebella.

Stout in Faith and in heart, Noémi Delácroix will preach until her throat runs dry. A child favoring Faith, she was pressured into taking up the sword as a means to preserve life within Parousia as she knows it.

Believing that Dalkia would chain and sell Parousian women as slaves, she took a step forward for what she knows is right. However, oft is that she rubs many a people the a wrong way.

Noémi holds talent in medical treatments as well as deft swordplay geared towards pin-point precision and evasion.

Act I Josiah
Pfieffer - Act I
Eurydice - Act I

Josiah Revan, formerly known as Mikhail, once served in Annebella's paradigm Relic until October 1st, 1605.

Josiah was fatally wounded after being caught by trebuchet fire. However, he survived the blast of the payload.

Unfortunately, he was found by a lone Dalkian shock trooper, Luna. After a brief conversation, - which Annebella eavesdropped on - Luna skewered Josiah where he lay.

As he died, Luna cracked a joke of every soldier under grandall being as "easy to tup in an alley".

Pfieffer excels in close quarters combat and this is the reason why she was recruited into Relic, however, she has many faults versus her pluses.

For one, Pfieffer sees eye to eye with no man. No matter how calm he may be or that of the cloth, if she is roused, Pfieffer will ball her fist and swing for the jugular.

She also has an issue with Arrai, Annebella's second, and believes that an outsider has no reason to be above her in station.

Of course, Annebella disagrees, however Pfieffer, if given the chance, will excel no matter the cost.

Eurydice Welshdat is the great-great granddaughter of Hermaeus Welshdat, the man responsible for the construction of the Welshdat Bridge, which connects Parousia to Dalkia.

With this, she volunteered to join and defend her ancstors work from being controlled by the enemy.

Upon her advise, Grandall as a whole secured the bridge and the main army of Grandall was able to advance into Dalkian territory.

Annebella recruited the light infantry combatant into Relic after this milestone victory was achieved and Eurydice couldn't be more proud.

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