The Halteese Republic

"Likemindedness is a key thing for success in a multitude of studies and doings, alas, too tightly bound a load can lose its bond and eventually wear. Weakening the whole until rent useless" - Halteesian Proverb

Halteese functions rather differently than Dalkia and Grandall. Where Grandall gives benefits to enlisting or due to Grandall holding most of its residents to be a part of the military at one point or another in their life; and while Dalkia parades pride to and fro to inspire nearly anyone to take up a sword or those who are in debt to seek out the military to save themselves from winding up on the streets, Halteese extends its hands to the families it has fostered and those who thrive upon its lands. Halteese lends aid to the weary, the hopeless, the downtrotten and re-habilitates them. Those that serve Halteese are a mix of royal blood, beggar, and baker alike. They also treat each other with respect as they all serve a common goal and have all joined willingly.

No fear of presecution. No threats.

It is down to a woman or man that every soldier to take knee for the Silver Chalice, does so of their own free will. It is as such that these free men, have developed strategic ways to form their units.

Halteese amasses small units, known as Cells, in order to infiltrate and sabotage a location or wittle down enemy forces down until the will to fight is culled. Largely and most impressve is that Halteesian Knights can send a Cell of four to complete a task which requires twenty. Soldiers of the Silver Chalice are highly trained, highly organized, and ruthlessly efficient.

Biding their time to study, learn, and then execute give them their greatest strengths and also make them a force to be feared.

Within the chilling lands of the Republic, there is no disparity in training. From a General to Commander to Captain and downward, every soldier is taught the same skills so that if the need arises, even a newly curved Private can lead a charge upon an enemy stronghold and sieze it for Halteesian control. This is  done to break monotiny as well as to aspire those who desire and hold the will to lead, to be able to do so when the time demands it.

As its has been proven, relying on one sole being in all things will see the masses lost if said figure is removed. That said, all Halteesean bodies will learn what it takes to lead. Furthermore, the Republic specializes in launch and leave (guerilla warfare) tactics and are adept at espionage and sabotage. It truly is not a wonder why Halteese, who are fewer in number have held on so long against a foe such as Dalkia with near infinite resources.


Captain Ailian has led Aegis for seven years now. It was the semi-unexpected ambush led by the joint efforts of Dalkia and Maletta which saw her Cell slain. Ailian was forced to wander and try to warn other Cells only to find that she was too late. Despite seeing a pattern in how their foe struck, she was powerless to prevent the onslaught.
Act - I Ailian

Karen was a svelte woman with wiles that drives many others into a forbidden fruit-based frenzy. A woman who favors and teases other women, she excels in gathering information via torture or seduction.

Of course, her thirst for wealth is thing which cannot be overlooked...


A middle-aged man who semingly does not know when to quit his day job. Gerald has been a soldier for nearly 25 years and is still fighting with as much vigor as if he were 20 years of age.

His knowledge he passes down to the younger generation so that they can be proud defenders of the land which has fostered them to adulthood.


A renowned strategist for Halteese whom has kept Dalkia at bay for nearly a decade. With their numbers thinned, he has joined Ailian's cell in hopes of forging a collapsable barricade to hinder Maletta's advance into Halteese.

However, his tactics of late have seen many Halteseans meet their end...


A youth who follows Saizou around when he strategizes as she aims to learn from the great man himself.

Of course, she also gives him some pitches and ideas when it comes to strategizing and how to plan a new attack.

Her inexperience worries many...



Markus leads Talon with a cool demeanor and laxed expections. Amongst all other cells, his is not only able to operate at a faster rate, but his cell also completes objectives with near perfection.

He chose his team with the aim of balancing his own personal weaknesses and to this effect, it was largely a success.


Kanon is a fierce close-ranged combatant. Her cell was thrown into dissarry when they were rescuing children from the ensuing chaos.

She was separated from her cell and left to fight an unending and eventually, a losing battle against the machinations of both Dalkia and Maletta.

Act I - Kanon

Elisabeth is a woman of sound judgement. Sound logic. By the book and too literal. Everything has a point, a place, and a plan in her eyes, but if one thing delays or upsets the balance she needs, she's lost amongst the wreckage.

This soldier was separated from her cell by Malettan forces and then abducted by Dalkia after learning of their unholy alliance.

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