The Kingdom of Dalkia: Squadrons

Dalkia plays host to just over one thousand individual suqadrons. Typically, these squadrons are comprised of its Head, Arms, Body, and Legs. However, in certain cases, Squadrons can be a limb or two short but these cases are only evident in higher ranking squadrons.

In many facets, Dalkia functions much the same as the Parousian Military, but veers its own course due to it standing as its own for far longer. Dalkian squadrons are typically comprised of a team of six so that smaller groups to engage a wider net of foes or obstacles is possible. Meanwhile, the Captain or Commander of a squadron will appoint their Second to lead the other "half of the whole". As such, the Second gains experience in leading a squadron while also learning how to address several issues that the Captain or Commander will face.

In time and through success and only success, the Second can stand on their own and guide their own body through war while their former "Head" adopts a new member to their body to replace what has grown unfit.

This method of teaching and promoting has seen Dalkia swell with not only new recruits but it has also seen a rise of swordsmanship. Such a rise has brought the decision to elevate select squadrons to reign as elite. The former King of Dalkia saw to this in his younger years and despite its shaky beginning, has strengthened the country as a whole.

Dalkia holds twelve elite squadrons which can (and have) exert authority over lesser squadrons and even small sects of the base Dalkian army.


Head Grisholm is a man of storied battles and a life on the front lines. In his pride, he named his squadron after himself and through him, twenty five students have emerged to lead their own squadrons. He is a fair man and an honest one, but in times of war, he does not hesitate to slay the sleeping soldier nor ransack the home of the mother who carries a child. His heartless efficiency has seen him live for many years.
Body Belethor


Head Versaille is a woman of mid year who through guile and wit, clawed her way to where she now resides. After a falling out with Halteese, she traveled to Untide with Demuth only to be shunned for her talent. Growing frustrated, she ventured to Dalkia to prove her worth and delivered vital points of weakness regarding her home of Halteese. As such, Versaille has led charge after charge against her former kinsmen in the sole name of survival, pride, and self-satisfaction
Body Risabelle


Head Luna is the Head (captain) of the Dalkian squadron Klessirpemdo. Despite her young years, the callous Head slew opposition for the station which she holds. Aurelia, both infuriated but ever the passionate for one to prove their worth, granted the child, Luna, the station she sought. Not much is known about this wayward child, but hatred is one thing that many see outright.
Body Lupine
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